Big Pores

I have huge pores on my legs from shaving & it’s soooo embarassing that I usually cover up my legs. It basically looks like I don’t even shave cuz the pores r so big & on top of that I have lil scars from ingrown hairs. ANy suggestions???

Mona -

by saying you’ve got ‘large pores,’ do you mean you’ve got quite dark, course hairs which show from under the skin even after you’ve shaved?

I have this, as well - and pale skin to boot.

Waxing or epilating will, FOR A WEEK OR SO, give you ‘clear follicles’ and smooth legs. Then, little by little, the hairs will start growing back out at different rates (you can shave these, epilate again or just leave them to grow, depending on your need for smoothness and clarity.) At some point, for me about 3 weeks later, most of the remaining hairs start growing up and I look like I’m covered with a million black specks again, until they grow out enough to epilate or wax again.

Now, STOP picking at those ingrowns! Invest in some Tend Skin, pop a vitamin E capsule and apply the oil to the scars, and force yourself to just exfoliate and moisturise regularly to keep future baddies under control.

Try exfoliating gently and moisturising and being nice to your legs for a few weeks and then go get a professional wax from a reputable salon -

This is the only way you can see if the waxing/epilating process is for you. If not, maybe try a chemical depilatory - they claim to remove hair under the skin but I never had much luck!

Hope you do! Hang in there!

Thanks for the good info! I think i’m going to get them professionaly waxed as soon as they grown in long enough. Thank again