Big Decision to be made? (Andrea ?)

To whom can help me, any or alot of advice would be greatly appreciated! First off let me tell that I spend alot of time checking this site out and reading and trying to gain the best knowledge possible about hair removal. Hair Removal is not a very talked about subject but many people like my self would like to conquer the problem.
Now for the advice that I need, I have decided to pursue laser and can not decide between IPL or an actual laser. I am very confident in Hair Today Gone the Indianapolis are the tech. truly seemed to know what she was talking about and the polaroids of before and afters where great. She uses IPL but I have seen posts on this site that IPL has greater side effects. Also the first body part that I want to have done is my back which is not very hairy and I have read posts that IPL could make hair grow back thicker? I am very confused and would like to know that if I went with IPL then would more hair than what was already there sprout up and become active. what should I do? any advice would be awesome I truly want to rid myself of UNWANTED hair forever!