Beverly Hills: Loving Electrolysis By Diane, R.E.

<strong>Loving Electrolysis By Diane, R.E.<br>
</strong><em>Diane Olson</em>
<p> 8685 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 15<br>
<em>(Between Lacienega & Robertson Blvd.)<br>
</em>Beverly Hills, CA 90211<br>
(310) 855-1808</p>
<P> <B>Office Hours:</B><BR>
Tuesday through Saturday 10:30AM-6:30 PM
<P><strong>Office Rates:</strong><br>
15 min-$28; 30 min-$48; 45 min-$55; 1 hr-$60

<B>Description of Practice:</B><P>

[li] 23 YEARS CALIFORNIA STATE REGISTERED ELECTROLOGIST[/li] [li] In a completely private, caring gentle atmosphere, you can have a 15 minute [/li] FREE consultation
[li] I use only the most medically sophisticated type of sterilization as required [/li] by California State Law.
[li] I use only DISPOSABLE Probes.[/li] [li] I use * Electrolysis, * Thermolysis * Computerized Blend Method[/li] [li] My machine is equipped with an air desensitizer for your comfort.[/li] [li] Women, Men, Teens, MTF welcome.[/li] [li] Checks or Cash accepted.[/li] [li] By appointment only.<br>[/li][/LIST]