Bethesda: Hair Free Electrolysis, LLC

<strong>Hair Free Electrolysis, LLC</strong><br>
<em>Mona Wexler, LE, CPE and Associates</em><br>
<P> <em>Air Rights Building</em><br>
7315 Wisconsin Avenue<br>
Suite 255 East<br>
Bethesda, MD 20814<br>
(301) 986-4986 / f. (301) 986-4182
<P><em>Totally Polished</em><br>
7713 Tuckerman Lane<br>
Potomac, Maryland 20854<br>
(301) 299-3672<br>
<B>Office Hours:</B><BR>
Day, Evening, and Saturday by Appointment

<B>Description of Practice:</B>
<P align=“center”> <strong>Feel the Freedom of Permanent Hair Removal</strong><br>
<strong>“We get results”</strong><br>
Mona Wexler,LE,CPE and Associates<br>
Stacy Grant,LE,LPN and Carol Babiskin,LE,CPE<br>
Established 1983<br>
[li] FREE Consultation and Sample Treatment<br>[/li] </li>
[li] Modalities: Thermolysis, Multi-needle Galvanic, Blend<br>[/li] </li>
[li] Insulated, Disposable needles<br>[/li] </li>
[li] We treat teenagers, women and men in our private, professional setting<br>[/li] </li>
[li] Member: American Electrology Association (AEA); Maryland Association of [/li] Professional Electrologists (MAPE)<br>
[li] Near METRO red line, 1 block south of Bethesda stop</li>[/li][/LIST]
<p>For more information and testimonials, check out our website at<br>

I have been treated twice by Stacey at Hair Free Electrolysis and I am very happy with her. She’s friendly and gets a lot of the areas cleared in good time. She has worked on my face (hairline, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sideburns) and my stomach. My skin looks pretty good when she’s done and so far I haven’t had any porblems. She also is an LPN and has been doing electrolysis for more than 15 yrs (i think) so it seems like she has a good background. Her hours are also pretty flexible. i understand that mona wexler is highly recommended also but i have not been treated by her.