Best Tweezers

Since i have to pluck my eyebrows, id like do it well. So what are the best tweezers for the job?

I’ve heard about the brand tweezerman as being the leading manufacturer in quality tweezing products…can anyone give me some info?

tweezermans are great and you can get them at sally beauty supply. Their more high end tweezers come with lifetime sharpening. You just need to decide what kind of tip you want. If you go above that in quality you will be looking at paying thirty dollars (wholesale) or more.


I got a very good pair made by Revlon which work great. I never leave on a trip without them.


Tweezerman RULES. They sharpen for free as well. Been usin em for years…thinking about electrolysis now.


I forgot my good Revlon tweezers at home and am on the road for a week. I was having a bad eyebrow day(really bad!), and needed to rush out and buy a pair of tweezers.

So I ended up buying some Lacross “Precise Tweeze” by Sally Hansen with Pin Aligned Tips.They say Ideal for shaping brows. Accurate tweezing every time.

I was somewhat disappointed with these tweezers at first compared with my Revlon ones. After a bit of trial an error, I figured out that if they are used at a certain angle they work just fine. They work best with the pincer part flat against the skin, and not very well with just a corner of the pincer.

The most important thing is that the Breshnev eyebrows are gone!


Hi I know this is a very old thread but does anyone know any good tweezers that don’t break off the hair

I’ve had very good luck with Peer Vigour 3c tweezers. One caveat, is the tips are very fragile an sharp. DONT DROP THEM even once. But they are very useful for fgetting imbedded or fine hairs and never seem to cut the hair.
you can find them here: