best skin pre-treatment?

Thanks Andrea and anybody who is posting for this wonderful site, it just gives much more information than any practitioneer. Even reading through all the posts I couldn’t find any information on my problem with diy electrolysis. I got the One Touch a couple of months ago and after some initial problems I have been getting really good at it, no burns and a high hitrate. But sometimes it gets really frustrating. If I treat in the morning or during the day everything is just as smooth as can be, but in the evening it is alltogether a different story. The pores seem to be closed, the needle just doesn’t slide in and even if I double the treatment time the hairs just won’t come out. I’ve tried everything so far, tons of moisturizer, umidifier, showering first, drinking lots of water, but nothing seems to work. Is there anything else I can do?

Is it possible that in the evening the lighting isn’t as good, and you just cannot make an acurate insertion?
Also, is it possible that the hair you were trying to treat in the evening are finer hairs? If the probe is too wide for the hair, it will just not slide in.