Best place to buy One Touch Stylet Replacement Tips

Each pack of Stylet Replacement Tips comes with two (2) tips.

One Pack of Two Stylet Tips - Two Tips Total
$ 5.95 - 2 Tips
$ 4.75 - Shipping (5-6 day)
$ 10.70 - TOTAL
$ 6.58 - 2 Tips
$ 2.85 - Shipping (probably 5-6 day First Class)
$ 9.43 - TOTAL
$ 6.77 - 2 Tips
Minimum order is $20 so I cannot compare further.

Three Packs of Two Stylet Tips - Six Tips Total
$ 17.85 - 6 Tips
$ 4.75 - Shipping (5-6 days)
$ 22.60 - TOTAL
$ 16.83 - Tips
$ 4.85 - Shipping (probably 2-3 day Priority)
$ 21.68 - TOTAL
(Note: The checkout link for the $16.83 3-pack is messed up still and you’ll have to email them to fix it if you want to order. Shipping might be only $2.85, I couldn’t be sure. It is $4.85 for a 1-pack and a 2-pack together though.)
$ 20.31 - 6 Tips
$ 7.95 - Shipping (10-21 Days)
$ 28.26 - TOTAL is easily the best laid out website. appears to be a small/home business with a very amateur web design. appears to be a medium sized business with a bad search/catalog system.

The link I provided for Folica is directly to the product. The links for the other two are pages with many items listed and you will need to scroll all the way down to find it.

You may get better, more personal, service with the smaller company or you may like the more formal system of the larger one. I have no experience with any of the choices.

For one pack (2 stylets) I would probably go with Mars, but I would probably order from at this point for three packs (6 stylets). Mars is almost a dollar cheaper, but you’d have to email them to get the checkout link fixed. That hassle isn’t worth a buck.

If you want, will pricematch any competitor’s total shipped price so you could get them to match Mars. is a Canadian company and the shipping cost differences may make them a better option for Canadians or even some international buyers.

I just bought a used One Touch and after buying it, I chickened out about trying to sterilize the tips myself. So I decided to buy new tips. I went a little overboard in pricing them out because I’ve heard these things bend very easily and you’ll constantly need to replace them.

Every other site I checked from Google is just in disguise so those are the only retailers I could find. Anyone have a less expensive outlet? I hate paying $5 for a 50 cent item. :smile: I think my used One Touch with replacement tips is going to cost as much as a new one. So anyone considering buying used, take that as advice to just purchase a new one for less hassle.

[ January 06, 2003, 04:17 AM: Message edited by: Wookie ] has this listing: STYLET TIP REPLACEMENT PK 2 US$ 6.77

You might check local beauty supply stores for them. Other than that, you might have to bite the bullet!

I’ve never had a problem with the stylet… but the metal where you place yer thumb and fingers seems to oxide or somethin… the salt slowly eats away at it and getting a current down the wire seems to get harder… anyone know if there is like a spray on metal? i’ve wrapped aluminum foil around the metal and the works ok. need a nice spray on metal though

tiny, the galvanic current causes chemical corrosion. You can slow the damage to the metal by wiping down the metal with unsalted water between treatments, but pitting is going to happen over time, expecially with the cheap components in those little One Touch dealies.

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by Andrea:
<strong> has this listing: STYLET TIP REPLACEMENT PK 2 US$ 6.77

You might check local beauty supply stores for them. Other than that, you might have to bite the bullet!</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Thanks Andrea. Global has some high shipping costs for US buyers though so they end up rather expensive. I updated my initial post with the new information and reorganized it a little for the benefit of anyone searching on this subject.

I still haven’t gotten around to trying this One Touch thing out. :smile:

The more I look at all my hair, the more I don’t think this device could work. If I was doing my legs, then yes, it would be fine (though incredibly time consuming). But I want to use it on hairs on the back of my hand and they are so fine I cannot even see any hint of a follicle where the hair meets skin.

Those hairs require a very fine probe (I think they’re called .002 gauge offhand). Ask one of the pros. You’d also need to ensure that it fits in the home unit, which has propritary probes that are quite thick.

You might not be able to do those fine hairs very well with a One Touch. It’s best on thicker hairs.

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