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i am 17 years old and have many allergies, one of these is hair, where the hair grows through the skin it has had a reaction where many 1mm diameter red bumps have formed although they are painless they are very noticeable. now this is not seen everywhere in my body, only places where hair has developed in the last 4 years due to puberty (bi-ceps, upper back, abs and chest) places where the hair is much longer like the underarms, are free of this condition.

Now i was wondering if i were to get a form of permanent hair removal, would this completely get rid of the hair follicle or just cause it to remain dormant from growing hair for a year or so? i am asking as i believe if the hair follicle is gone then there wont be an allergic reaction occuring, thus the bumps will go.

also for such a large area as my back, stomache, chest and bi-ceps, would i be looking at having to spend some serious $$$$$ to get rid of the hair in these problem areas?

if you can help that would be greatly appreciated.


What you have sounds like keratosis pilaris, which is not an allergy. Have you seen a dermatologist about this problem? If it’s what I think it is, they can give you Retin-A plus moisturizers that can help reduce or eliminate the bumps. I have the same exact thing, only on my upper arms.

With KP, the sebaceous glands plug up to form the bumps. It does stand to reason that a hair shaft growing (through the sebaceous gland) may clog it up, hence permanent hair removal might help. If you feel like being a guinea pig, you could have a small (2 x 2" or so) area cleared in an inconspicuous area, and see if the condition improves there.

Good luck,

thanks for that info, i have been to a dermatologist though they seemed very limited in offering help, i got some moisturizer which did nothing, and sent packing. i will be sure to enquire about what you have mentioned.

For the record, a hair properly treated by electrolysis will not grow back. You are left with just an empty follicle.

In time it may sweat and secreat sebum again, but it won’t grow hair.