Best option for unwanted hair removal !

There are many method to remove unwanted hair from your skin. Shaving or use of creams to remove unwanted hair is not good method because this method does not remove hair permanent from your skin. But there are few reliable methods to remove unwanted hair permanent from your skin. Laser hair treatment is best option to remove unwanted hair from your skin. Now a days there are many types of lasers to remove hair permanent. However you should find the best and right type of laser to work upon your skin to dig out unwanted hair.

Hi Maxfield,
There are black hair on my back, legs , arms and body. I hate unwanted hair on my skin and want to remove unwanted hair permanent from my skin. Laser treatment is reliable but I can not pay huge amount for laser treatment. Can you please suggest me an alternative of laser treatment.?

I recommend the Silk’n SensEpil. This device is not hard to use and it actually produces great results. I’ve been using it on my armpits and legs, and after just a handful of treatments my hair started to come in thinner. I rarely have to shave because the hair comes in less frequently. It made life so much easier during these summer months!

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The silkn reduced my thigh hair after a couple of times but it came back, most. I’m using it again with high hopes. Anyway i only used it for three months so maybe I need more time.