Best option for facial hair?


Im seeking some help, ive gotten hormone therapy, and i can get some facial hair removal treatments from my insurance :grin:

But i have to find my own clinic. (I’m from the Netherlands)

When i search the web, i see so many solutions and methods i don’t know what is best.

I had 1 consult with a clinic, and they said that i could possible need 10 sessions or more. They use a sheerlight laserdiode.
I have some blond hair in my cheeks, that need Electrolysis.

Ive added a picture of my cheek, i didn’t shave for 1 day.
My skintype is II?

Is the Sheerlight laserdiode a good option?
Where i am from mostly its IPL and ive seen one with an Nd:YAG?

Thanks in advanced.

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LIGHT-BASE DEVICES, IPL or a true laser, will not work on light, thin hair or even light, coarse hair. You need electrolysis,whether it be Galvanic, blend or thermolysis. An actual probe needs to inserted into each individual follicle. Nothing else will work for a permanent solution.

The picture you attached is not good quality. I can’t see anything. I am going by your verbal description.

I found the picture fine, just a little more enlarged . Reducing size in the browser gave a much better view.

Dee is correct however, that electrolysis is the way to go for blong/red/light hairs. Considering that the hairs you have seem relatively mixed, you wont get much economy from doing laser. I’d go strait to electrolysis.

Also ND-yag is meant for darker skin tones than yours. IPL is too weak to perform permanent removal.


Ik woonde in Nederland voor een paar jaar (A’dam/Alkmaar). Ik leerde elektrische ontharing. Neem contact op met de ANBOS in Den Haag voor een electrologist.

Hello, I’ve wanted to update my story.
I’ve gotten 7 sessions total now with the LightSheer diode laser
The last setting was 48 joules.
I only know the power (joules)settings, those where: 28,32,36,40,42,45,48

I’ve added 4 pictures taken about 4-5 weeks after the laser session, about 2-4 days no shaving

Before any treatment:

After 3 laser sessions:

After 5 sessions:

After 6 sessions:

I’ve gotten good results between 4-6 sessions, but it look like the effect is less now.
I think I’m getting 1-3 laser session more, then they will start with Electrolysis.

Any idea, comments pointers for me?

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na 3 laser 1.jpg

na 6 laser 1.jpg

na 7 laser45j 1.jpg

With laser and ipl there is no sure thing, So it is difficult to say ‘yes you have had fantastic results’ or ‘no that’s not so good’
Time is really the answer, both laser and ipl slow down the presence of hair growth, and really it’s about 6/9 month until you can really tell if there has been a true improvement.

If you decide to start electrolysis straight way, say a month after your last laser/ipl don’t be surprised if there is no real improvement after 3/4 months as at that stage you could be getting regrowth from the laser/ipl.
However you will also always get permanent results from electrolysis. BUT it does have to be performed correctly - smooth insertions, absolutely no resistance not even the slightest of tugging when the hair is removed. And skin shouldn’t look like a car wreck afterwards.

I’m here to echo what Mairi has said. You have to stop treatments and wait up to a year to see if there’s any permanency and even then the follciles may not have been destroyed completely.

I would strongly advise not to start electrolysis until at least 3 months since your last laser treatment to allow regrowth to emerge. If you start earlier neither you or your electrologist will have any idea how much hair is actually there to tackle.