Best Numbing Creams for Beard Electrolysis (need suggestions)

Hello All. I’m in the beginning stages of my electrolysis on my beard. So far I’ve done 6 hours. it’s going great. the beard hair is getting thinner and she’s making progress

Before i begin a session i usually rub on some Zensa cream all over my cheeks, neck, mustache, and jawline area. 1 hour before the session

maybe I’m not applying enough but my face is not as numb as i would like it. i usually let my beard grow out a little bit. Could the beard hair be getting in the way of the absorption of the cream into my skin?

the electrolysis has been working on my cheeks and she’s making big progress, but whenever she goes along the neck, jawline the pain is just too much.

and I’m wondering if there are any numbing creams out there that can make the neck, cheeks, mustache, chin, jawline COMPLETELY numb to where i don’t feel anything.

For Australia,

I can help with this.
I recommend Zensa to my clients who need pain control particularly on upper lip. It’s a good product for numbing and the oils in zensa absorb into the skin fairly easily and effectively.

Zensa takes up to 2 hours to come to full effect. The idea is to apply it fairly thickly over the area to be numbed, there should be a mm or so n the surface of the entire area.Then it needs to be covered with a plastic wrap to both aid in absorbtion but also prevent the zensa coming off onto clothing or hair. I prefer a particular plastic wrap called Glad “Press N Seal”
This wrap has a mild adhesive which sticks to bowls…and skin while not affecting the absorption of the zensa . You can cut it to size to cover specific areas. Re-apple additional zensa after 1 hour and cover again.
Remember to never cover an are greater than an A4 sized piece of paper and always test a small area for adverse reaction before trying a larger area but it sounds like that isnt a problem for you. You can put the zensa on quite thick,


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okay. thanks for this information. this makes sense. so I’m guilty of not applying enough and i also haven’t been using any plastic wrap so that explains alot!! thanx.