Best Nd:YAGs for darker skinned people (So many to chose from!)

I made a sizable list (and probably missed some) at:

From my limited recollection after reading these forums once in a while, it seems like the most popular lasers for darker skinned people right now are (all Nd:YAGs):

  1. Coolglide (Excel?)
  2. Lyra-i
  3. Sciton (Profile or Image?)
  4. GentleYAG

Can the experts (or experienced consumers) give their top 3 or even top 5?

Are diodes better for type 3-4 skin than Nd:YAG’s? How about IPL devices?

I plan on adding much more detailed info on the best lasers for darker skinned people on the website soon:-)

Thanks for your input in advance.

if you’re a type III or IV, an experienced tech would be able to achieve good results for you with a diode as well as with a Yag. It doesn’t matter which Yag you use, it’s the experience of the tech that will make the difference as they need to set the best settings for your skin and hair type to get good results. That said, the Sciton Yag gets good reviews because it has new technology that makes it easier to get all hair without missing parts. I wouldn’t go with an IPL at all. Stick either with a diode or a Yag, but most importantly a good tech.

Also, Yags are a bit less effective on fine hair. So, if you have fine hair, I would recommend you get a test spot done with a diode. Actually, best thing to do is to get a test spot done with both a diode and a Yag and then choose based on your results.