Best method for my facial hair?

Hi everyone, like jcjc’s “legs” question here, I am not quite sure which forum is best for this topic so I’m just putting it here and hoping it works out. :cool:

I began electrolysis treatments for my facial hair about 3 years ago, but was severely overtreated by a practicioner and backed off to recover. After that, my finances changed and I dropped treatments. I am ready to begin again, but I want to update my information.

When I did my research & sought advice 3 years ago, the rule was basically that Laser & alternative treatments were risky / inappropriate for face work and that Electro was the de-facto treatment for facial hair.

Has anything changed about that? My practicioner here in Los Angeles offers Laser, IPL, and Thermolysis. I’m not sure which to go with, or if any of the treatment wisdom has changed with technology improvements, etc. in the last 3 years.

For reference, in case any of this is important for treatment recommendation:
[li]Hair type: Thick, wiry, curly hair shafts that ingrow horribly if plucked / shaved (which is why I want them TO DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH).
[/li][li]Hair coverage: upper lip, lower lip, chin, small amount under chin / on neck. Nothing on cheeks. All areas are very sparse, but dense enough to be noticeable & embarassing if not removed regularly.
[/li][li]Skin type: Very, very pale white skin. Dark brown / almost black hairs.
[/li][li]Previous treatments: Just electrolysis, primarily galvanic with a few thermolysis sessions.
Also, are the three methods (Thermo, etc.) any better or worse for the health or your skin or long-term damage? I had a galvanic practicioner who insisted Thermolysis was going to destroy your skin, and a thermo practicioner who insists galvanic will destroy your skin, so… no clue what the truth really is. :frowning:

Sounds like you actually don’t have that much facial hair. You’re very lucky! Laser has a hard time getting hair on the chin because the hairs there are so much deeper, so I would encourage you to go with electrolysis. LA has amazing electrologists (I actually commute there from San Diego almost every weekend for treatment).

No, thermolysis would not destroy your skin. I don’t many people in LA who did galvanic anymore since it’s slow much slower. Most of the people in LA will do thermolysis since it’s very fast.

You already had some disappointments with treatments a few years ago.
I suggest, because you want facial hair removed and it is not as dense as a man’s beard, go with electrolysis. I suggest finding an electrologist who can administer more than one modality (thermolysis and blend). Thermolysis is almost always the most suitable choice but for my body, I have preferred blend in some areas.

Since you are afraid of over-treatment, visit plenty of electrologists and get sample treatments or shorter sessions and have each practitioner work on a different area of your face. Then, decide who you want to go with.

I have not experienced any long term damage from electrolysis. There is temporary swelling and perhaps some light scabbing. If you hear conflicting comments about tissue damage from practitioners, it is possible that the tech. has developed the skill in primarily one modality and has little experience with the others which might be why each will promote their own. This is why, in your case, with your prior experiences, I suggest finding a tech. who can administer more than one.

Good luck and let us know how its going.

TY for the feedback guys. ^.^

I will stick with electrolysis, then. I am going to use Layla’s Electrolysis in West L.A. since she seems to have a good reputation and I felt comfortable with her consultation and professional manner.

I will post an update once I’ve had some treatment time and can comment on how it’s going.