Best Method For Brazilian Bikini Hair Removal?

I’m a transsexual woman in my mid 20’s. Hormones and an orchiectomy have thinned out my body hair a lot, but I still have a lot of bikini line hair. Way too much, actually, and I think it is masculine and unattractive. What would be the best way to (maybe) permanently remove it?

I’m normally not a laser fan, but I realize that electrolysis would take a long,long time in this area, and a few places would be hard to reach. Has anyone had good results with laser hair removal in this area?

One more thing, my skin is very sensitive and shaving almost always leaves a bad rash. Is this a likely result after laser as well? I had some laser before on my chest, which didn’t work very well, but I am willing to give it one last try.


bikini and underarms get the best results with laser. what is your skin and hair type? i’ve had great results with laser as a woman with type II skin and black coarse hair with GentleLASE alexandrite settings 14-25 joules with 15-18mm spot size. I had quite a bit and I only waxed because shaving caused ingrowns and irritation. Having laser done actually eliminated that altogether for me. It’s the best feeling to be able to go swimming whenever you want without planning for waxing appts which only keep you hairfree for at most a week and cause ingrowns etc anyways. I’m personally very happy with my results (described at the link below from the very beginning).

I have pale skin and medium brown, coarse-ish hair. The hair isn’t too dark, but it’s darker than my skin. Speaking of skin, mine burns and almost never tans. Anyway, I don’t ever go in the sun (and even if I did, the places I want lasered wouldn’t ever get sun anyway.)

In additiont to my usual fears (getting burned, scarred, etc…I am usually very critical of laser but in this case, I am desperate)I also worry about getting bad skin irritation post procedure, since I know they have to shave the hair. Maybe it’s not the case, though, since the hair gets zapped out?

With pale skin and no tan, there is minimal chance of burns. The settings would have to be at least 40 joules and up on GentleLASE for example or so, and noone will do that anyways. The highest they can go with the 18mm spot size is 20 joules and 30 joules with a 15mm. Especially for large areas, noone uses spot size under 15mm anyway.

I would recommend finding someone with a GentleLASE machine (it’s an alexandrite). In the FAQs, you will find a link to the manufacturer website with a provider search for this laser, so you can find a few in your area (last question in FAQs).

The owner of Smooth Solutions also posts on another forum and I believe there might be a location in Dallas. Running a search on this and the other forum will probably give some recommendations as I recall there are several people who’ve gotten this procedure in Dallas on the forums.

You shave the hair yourself at home. They don’t have to do it. I prefer that actually because you can use a good 3 blade razor and enough shaving cream etc to do a nice shave as well as cover all the areas you want done. As long as there is a very tiny bit of stubble or that dark shadow from hair that’s shaved, it’s fine for the tech. They just need to see where to treat. With good treatment, hair actually gets singed, so it’s a bit more coarse when it falls out, so there is no irritation and ingrowns. The coarse hairs push well through the skin and fall out.

btw, there haven’t been any complaints on any forums about lack of results on this area.