Best method for beard hair removal

Which is the best laser system for beard hair removal ? Please tell me the company web and their website.


lasers are not judged based on the area where the hair is, but rather by the skin and hair type of the person, i.e. skin and hair color and texture.

Thanks. But which is the best ? My skin is light with black hair.

look up your skin type on the Fitzpatrick skin chart. Also, what is the texture? fine or coarse? what area? are you male or female? I would suggest to read the FAQs – the sticky post on this forum too. It explains all of this.

I am male, and I think that my skin type is between 3 and 4, and fine. The areas that I am interested is the face and the neck.

I am looking for an affordable professional laser machine that can be easly used.


any professional laser machine that would give any results costs $50K+. if those are the only areas you want done, you should go with a professional clinic for your treatments. Face price ranges from $100-300 per treatment and you will need at least 8-10. This is a hormonally stimulated area as well, so if you’re not on any hormones to prevent further hair from developing, you will likely need touch-ups 1-2 times a year. For your skin type either a diode or a Yag laser would be best if you go with professional treatment. Yag will probably cause less irritation. If you’re male and the growth is on the face, why is it fine and not coarse? Do you have very little facial hair? What is the hair color?


Laser works best for dark hair on light skin.

I had ten laser sessions with Lightsheer Laser and it was only partially successful. It was somewhat helpful though.
I had to finish with electrolysis which is working, but takes lots of hours. Since the laser I have needed 115 hours of electrolysis.

I think I am getting pretty cleared however, since I get full clearance of my full face including neck in 1-1/2 hours
or less now. It actually takes her a long time to find hairs to treat now, so that is why it even takes a full hour and a half.


That’s a good point! I thought all my chest hair was gone, but every few weeks a few hairs pop up. Plus my practitioner finds some that I did not see up closer to my neck.

Back to the original question. I think the YAG laser is best for the beard. The beard is very dense, the hairs are close together, plus they are coarse. As a result,it is easier to get redness and swelling. The YAG laser is easiest on the skin because of the wavelength used. And since coarse hair responds very well to it, I think it is the best choice for the beard. Now after having a few treatments, the hair is less dense and the individual hairs are thinner. Now a shorter wavelength laser can be used and they are more effective on finer hairs.

After getting most of my beard with a YAG laser, I have had very good results with a ProWave 770 IPL. The wavelengths on it are adjustable. I was treated on Program B, which consists of medium wavelength and pulse width. To me it seems similar to being treated with a diode laser.