Best Laser for Male Facial Hair removal Medium Beard!!


Basic gist; which laser is best for good removal of Beard hair semi course dark with a light to medium skin color northern european welsh sort of dark welsh. Lightsheer, Gentlelasem or other?

First I will out myself right away I am a male to female transgendered and I do modeling and some TV work right now. I have lived as a female since 19 and now am 28.

Problem I have looked at all the laser methods and I only have access to two right now Lightsheer Diode and Gentlelase. I am still very wary of sinking $1300 dollars into laser treatments because I have not had much or any reduction before. But I cant go through electrolysis again either the way it is done I cant let hairs grow to 1/8 of an inch.

My question to you all after searching through the site a bit I think that the lightsheer diode would be the best method. The hair I have coming back is the spots on either side of the chin and a thin moustache which unfortunately is becoming a 5 oclock shadow thing. I would have thought 9 years of hormones and anti androgens would have alleviated this.

I guess my question is can Lightsheer or gentllase make a big difference on medium dark beard hair with sort of medium complexion? I would be interested in your thoughts and even if there is a MUST laser for Facial hair that works great even if I might have to travel for it.

thanks for your thoughts in advance all and thanks for taking the time if there is anything I can do like publish pictures or reports of how it goes I will. thanks again Alexandrea “Alex” <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

Either LightSheer or GentleLASE should work. Do expect some post treatment redness, it’s a bit more sensitive on the face.

Thank you for the quick answer its just so hard to find good info for a TG on Laser.

The longer wavelengths are better for the face, so I would prefer the Lightsheer over the Gentlelase. Even better would be a Nd:YAG laser (1064nm) as it penetrates deeper but causes less post treatement redness and swelling. Those are important considerations for the face.

Since your beard hair is medium, the Lightsheer would be a good choice. And BTW, it is normal for the chin area to be more difficult to treat.