best laser for fine hairs?

Hello all,

About a year ago I had my entire chest and stomach lasered with the Lightsheer and I had absolutely no reduction. However, now that I’ve begun taking anti-androgen medication I’m feeling newly optimistic and ready to try again. The hairs on my chest are dark but very fine, and I was wondering what would be the best laser to use for these kinds of hairs?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Melissa!

It is better if you offer more details about your laser treatment:

  • What kind of laser
  • How many treatments
  • Skin type

I thing that lightsheer is very good treating fine hairs. Maybe RJC2001 can help you. He knows lightsheer very well.

Lightsheer does a good job on fine hair compared to the alexandrites. I just had an Aurora treament today and it looks like it may even be better on fine hair. The Aurora is a combination of IPL and RF. The details are in the Syneron thread.


Well I had one treatment done with the Lightsheer at the highest setting. I have just read on another site that Ruby lasers are actually better for finer hairs since they have the highest melanin absorption.

Oh, skin type I by the way…as white as can be.

Practitioner skill is more important than laser used in many cases. You may have been treated at levels that weren’t aggressive enough.

Antiandrogens should definitely assist in producing better results, but only if you are treated by someone with the skill to achieve a permanent result.