Best Home Waxing Kit?

I have gone 5 months without shaving (you can call me jungle mama) and I wont go into how that has effected my “play” life. :smile: But having done so, I am not going to just invest in any home waxing method. I know that to a great deal it’s based on personal preference…but which one gives the best results? I’m looking to wax my legs, bikini and underarms…In time I’m sure I’ll be adding some unwanted facial hair… Any advice, input, testimonials would be greatly appreciated…
I thank you. :smile:
Have an awesome day!

In the past, I have liked Nair’s sugaring wax quite well, though not the roll-on, but the tub that you put in the microwave and spread on with a spatula. It’s gentle and effective on most hair. I haven’t used it in a while, because I find that every so often my hair seems to get resistent to different waxes (if that’s even possible!)

Thank you, it’s a start…