Best Home "DIY" PERMANANT Hair Removal System for less than $5,000

I am looking to permanently remove ALOT of hair and I am too embarassed to go to a clinic to get it done. Is there any home system for under $5,000 that I can purchase and do at home for PERMANENT hair removal? Something professional, top of the line, maybe a clinic quality system? What works best? Laser, electro, other? Can anyone help?


There are professional epilators (electrolysis) that can be purchased for easily under $5000.00, brand new. Silhouet-tone, Apilus, Fischer,Clareblend are a few good brands, but there are others as well.

I assume you are not a licensed electrologist,so purchasing one may be difficult unless you find something on e-bay or through some other source on the internet. You would need to get a good electrology book and educate yourself about the proceedure and science behind permanent hair removal. And one other thing— you will need a friend to help in this process, because it is VERY difficult to remove hair from yourself in most areas of the body. A friend to trade expense and labor with could get you results, hopefully results without scarring your skin.

You stated that you desire permanent hair removal.
Electrolysis IS permanent hair removal. It is forever, when done properly over a period of months to years,depending on how much hair you have and body location.

Performing electrolysis properly takes a steady hand, proper magnification (which can be expensive), an excellent lighting source and proper levels of current for the right amount of time so as not to damage the skin.

Laser can offer permanent hair reduction for some, but I would have to leave to the laser experts to expand on that. Or go read the laser forum here at for a couple days if no one responds to your question. I’m guessing that you can’t buy your own laser, but never say never in this world.

I would suggest that you overcome your embarrassment and seek professional assistance. Your skin is worth it.


Speaking as someone who is experienced with do-it-yourself electrolysis: If you can’t get someone else to trade services with you, and you’re willing to spend $5K, I would spend it on good professional electrolysis.

The main reason I am performing the electrolysis on my wife is because we have little children and carving the time out during the day to do the electrolysis is a significant added penalty. Our setup allows us to do the work after hours and whenever we feel like it.

I have wondered whether, should I want electrolysis, whether I would attempt it on myself, coach my wife, or have it done professionally. Note that in this case, we already have all the equipment set up. So from my experience, if we didn’t have the kids, I’d be likely to recommend professional treatment.

Note that you don’t need to spend $5K on equipment. I’ve shelled out about $1,500 and feel I have a pretty good setup with all new equipment.

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Is electrolysis more permanent than laser treatment? And is electro more time consuming, that you have to go hair by hair and laser is quicker in that you can basically scan you skin and not go hair by hair?

Oh one other thing. What is a good electrolysis machine that gives permanant results but is only a few hundred bucks, that I could purchase and try out to see if I like it?

Good afternoon Jim2,

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal. It is and has been the gold standard by which all other methods are judged for over 130 years!. It works 100% of the time IFFFFFFFFF performed properly and iFFFFFFFFF the client cooperates and follows a time schedule so the electrologist can treat anagen hairs (growing phase hairs) one by one. It is slower than laser, but it is permanent. The larger the area being treated, the longer it will take. With an experienced electrologist and good equipment, progress can be seen after several weeks in most areas.

Laser is not cleared for permanent hair REMOVAL, but rather for permanent hair REDUCTION. That means that hair that was once dark and thick can GROW BACK lighter and finer. That is success for a lot of people. You need less sessions than electrolysis as laser disables a lot of hair follicles at once. After a while when the hair is light and thin, another laser treatment will not be effective to remove the remaining light, fine hair. Some people have gone to the Aurora laser to remove the fine, blond hairs, but the jury is still out on this one, since it is fairly new technology. Just not sure how effective it is at this time.

The people that say they are 90% hair-free seem to have a common denominator: they have had greater than the 6-8 treatments suggested, sometimes as many as 20 sessions and they have tried a couple different lasers over a period of 5 or 6 years. They are still continuing to use laser to control the hair growth. Add the cost up on that one.

A lot of people say that clearing a large area with laser and then having electrolysis performed on hairs that come back is helpful.

There is no easy way to remove hair. Laser and electrolysis are costly and can be ouchy. I would just start the journey and stick to the plan whether it be electrolysis (permanent hair removal) or laser (permanent hair reduction) or a combination of both.

P.S. Have you read the electrolysis and laser forums yet???

P.S.S.Someone else will have to answer your last question about a good electrolysis epilator for a couple hundred dollars. I only know about the higher quality professional epilators, but will be watching for an answer to this one.


I had not heard of the Laser term “permanent hair REDUCTION” to mean “that hair that was once dark and thick can GROW BACK lighter and finer”. I and my wife had laser treatments and this was certainly not the case for us.

Laser will permanently remove hair. The main problem is that it is more difficult to put the energy at exactly the right point to kill the root. It depends on the laser type, laser settings, the practitioner and the subject. I have had areas that were COMPLETELY cleared of all hair with laser and permanently too. Also, I have had other areas were almost totally ineffective. It may be the perception that the hairs grow back finer and ligher because the laser treatment is not effectual on the fine and light hairs and these are the only ones left. With electrolysis, the practitioner has more control over each hair and the treatment can successfully treat fine and light colored hair as well.

You can easily make your own galvanic electrolysis device for under $100. A description of such is available at

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by jim2:
Oh one other thing. What is a good electrolysis machine that gives permanant results but is only a few hundred bucks, that I could purchase and try out to see if I like it?</font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The cheapest RF + DC machine I’m aware of is $900.

I’ve seen pure galvanic machines for $100-$200.

If I were you I would get a used machine on Ebay.

Worst case, you can always resell it there.

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I sincerely apologize NoHair if I made a statement that was not correct about the term laser hair reduction. I appreciate your clarification. I’ll have to go back in time and read some consumer posts as that is where I came to understand that hairs that do return are finer and lighter.


The data that the Federal Government of the United States used to classify LASER Devices as NOT equivalent to electrolysis states that current devices provide a reduction of 30% to 60% in the size and/or number of hairs, but can not be counted on to provide 100% removal of all hairs treated, nor guarantee that the reduction is anything more than a long term result.

Although it is possible that some “ideal candidates” may achieve better than these results, anyone receiving LASER Hair Removal can not know with any certainty what results to expect.

100% permanent removal and no regrowth with a proven track record still belongs soley to electrolysis.

Once again I’d have to refute the absoluteness of James numbers. After many painful treatments from a trained electrolyis professional, my wife had 0% removal. Although I agree that electrolysis CAN work, I wouldn’t say it is a 100% proven track record. However, I had excellent results on myself.

On the other hand, I have had areas treated by laser several years ago that had 100% permanent removal, which is much better than 30% to 60%.

Thus, both methods can not guarantee permanent results. In the right combination of circumstances, both have the opportunity to provide 100% permanent results. Electrolysis has been around longer and many laser practitioners are not fully trained, which may explain why it has less success.

Can anyone elaborate on what make/model of a home electro machine I should get for good permanent hair removal?


Is this a good machine for a good price?

Also which model works the best?


Give it a try and let us know how well it works.


Well I’d appreciate some experienced advice, rather than purchasing a $200-$300 machine and not knowning what I am getting and if it’s a good price.


There is no such thing as an “Electrolysis-LASER”. This unit is a LASER unit, and as such I certainly would not suggest that anyone buy one and try using it on oneself or anyone else. One might find that one is violating local laws by doing so as well.

I think you will have to rely on what the owner of this dubious piece of equipment has to say. However, he surely doesn’t make any mention that it works great, hair’s all gone and they will not be needing it anymore.

Why would you consider buying this? If it scares the owners wife and they only used it once, doesn’t that set up a huge red flag for you?

It shouts SCAM DEVICE to me because it is described as a laser electrolysis system. NO such thing on earth, mars or the moon!!

Is this a good price? Yes, if you don’t buy it.

I would ask DIY’er what he is using and have him help you figure out how to get it and use that $200.00 toward a unit that knowingly works . He seems well pleased with the results he gets.


Well put, Dee.

It seems to me that there are some very simple rules about effective hair removal equipment:

  1. There are no new RF + DC machines for less than $900.

  2. DC (galvanic) machines are so simple that there’s no need to spend more than $30 - $50, unless one gets into professional multineedle systems - which are rare.

  3. There are no laser machines for prices anywhere near what anyone is willing to pay.

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Where can one get these “pure galvanic machines” DIY 'er ?

There was one presented by an enterprising Australian transgender:
Electrolysis Machine

The members here discussed it and concluded it was a bit expensive for what you get.

The consensus opinion here is that you are best off building your own or working with the One Touch.

A part of the reason so few have bothered to make a consumer DC apparatus is that the cost of manufacture of a blend (RF+DC) device is only slightly higher than a DC only device, while the blend machine gets its results in a fraction of the time.

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