Best hair removal method for back/neck/stomach

Hi guys, new here, and guess what, lol, I’m hairy too. I have light tanned colour skin and black hair, so it stands out all over my body, and I am not joking, but I have hair everywhere, in every single part of my body except my feet.
I used to very depressed cos of it, but now I just dont try to think of it, but I cant get a bf cos If I sleep with them I know they would say something, cos its laods of it everywhere and a few people have said stuff to me in the past. So far - I shave/epilate my legs/arms/underarms and bikini line and upper lip and tweeze my eyebrows.

I want to wear a short black dress, but I cant cos I have a hairy neck and back and stomach. Which is the best hair removal for this - temporary hair removal??? I cannot afford electrolyisis or laser.

I also want to get rid of the hair on my lower back and bottom - best method?

Please help me, asap, thank you. Im glad I can discuss this issue with others, I felt alone before.

i know the feeling miss hairy. i am getting electrolysis done on my chin, side burns, chest bone and nipples. its getting very costly for me but it will be worth it when i am done. i too have hair almost everywhere on my body. you have to remeber that EVERYONE has hair on their body. its a normal biological thing. the only thing that makes us different from “less hairy” people is that they have finer and lighter hair so it looks like they dont have hair at all. that leads me to one of the methods that can make you look like you have no or less hair. bleaching.

before electrolysis i bleached my face and chest bone. it worked very well as the hairs (especially the chest) are fine and bleaching them was easy and they would turn blond and be invisible on my light skin colour. bleaching also worked well on my stomach hair which are also fine. however, bleaching is a chemical and you must follow the insturctions on the box carefully and do a test patch before doing the whole area.

on darker hair however, bleaching doesnt work very well. so for temoprary solution, i recommend waxing or sugaring. its painful, but you can be hairfree for about 2 weeks or more. its nice for vacations so you dont have to worry about shaving everyday. with waxing though, you can get ingrowns and breakouts, so you have to be careful and have good before and after care. waxing can be done for almost any body part. some ares will be more sensitive than others and some areas will have slower return hair growth than others.

good luck. your not alone!