Best Exfoliating body scrub?

Can anybody recommend me a really great exfoliating scrub?

I have really dry skin, and get ingrown hairs and pepperspots quite often. I use Neutrogena’s Body Clear Body Scrub on a daily basis, because I really like the salicylic acid. And I’ve tried The Healing Garden’s Organics Wild Honey Body Scrub and Bath & Body’s Le Couvent Des Minimes Sugar Scrub on a weekly basis to get that deep exfoliation. Whenever I used the weekly scrubs, I would use my FINGER NAILS to scrap it off instead of a loofah, body puff, or wash cloth, because I found it to be the best way to remove all the dead, dry skin and pepperspots. I just drag my nails along my skin, and my nails would pick up the dead skin and pepperspots. Kind of gross, and tiresome. But I really want a scrub that can easily exfoliate my skin without the need of using my nails to help scrap the dead skin and pepperspots off. Also, are there any better scrappers than a loofah, body puff, or wash cloth? I want something that will really really really exfoliate my skin. Something that will easily remove dead skin and pepperspots.

Hi, try Bliss Hot Sea Salt scrub it comes in a large jar and it is aqua blue. I use it on my upper arms to get rid of those bumps (I forget what they are called) I use it every day and put clean and clear acne gel on my arms after and BINGO NO bumps.

Hi there:

I have tried at a lot of scrubs and most of them contain excessive amount of oils such as mineral oil or others that can really clog the pores. Whether you have dry or oily skin, the effect of oily products is the same on almost everyone. I myself have very oily skin, so I also use the neutrogena body wash you were talking about. However the scrub I use is very effective: Philosophy’s “Gingerbread Man”. It sounds kind of funky (as I’m not fond of smelling like baked goods) but it actually doesn’t smell gingery. The trick to getting of dead skin and avoiding ingrown hairs and clogged pores is to use the scrub DRY not on wet skin. You should get yourself a pair of exfoliating gloves (maybe wet them a little so the scrub will stick) but make sure your body is dry. This technique will help you get the dead skin off better and you won’t have to scrape your skin with your fingernails (I know I’ve done that too). Afterward, I would use your regular body wash to get off residual oils, if any. This method has worked like a charm for me and has led to less breakouts/ingrowns. Also, if you have dry skin, try to use aloe gel after you shower. It is really effective because it’s water soluble (i.e. it will absorb into your skin immediately), I personally don’t use much body lotion other than that except on the dry spots (only after using the aloe gel) because again most body lotions again contain mineral oils, ie clogged pores all over again. Ok, I know that was long, but hope it was helpful!

Hi msh,

Thank you so much! Very kind and helpful of you!

But where do you buy Philosophy’s “Gingerbread Man”?

Also, my laser hair removal doctor gives me aloe gel right after my laser treatment on my legs, and I find it soothing and nice, but kind of sticky. But if it’ll help with the dry skin and ingrowns, I’ll give it a real try.
I usually put on moisterizer right after the shower, because I too find body lotions to be greasy and clogging. What of aloe gel do you use?

I make the scrub by myself: just oil (olive oil or the one you prefer) and salt
i believe it’s very useful and cheap!
you can also use honey and sugar
i never thought about problems with oil… do you believe it’s best to moisturize skin with cream to avoid ingrowing hairs?

Fresh Brown Sugar Scrub! A bit pricey but worth it! It has some essential oils in it so if you don’t like scrubs that leave you extra moisturized i would avoid this product.

The body scrub product that is a favorite among our clients is:
Amber Body Scrub Lavander or Green Tea Mint
It contains shea butter, apricot seeds and jojoba esters to exfoliate and moisturize. NOT for your faces! Wonderful for your body. Its a spa product and if you can’t find it for under $11.00, email me

You can make by your own the scrubs, these are not hard to make. But when you are lazy then I suggest you to go for some premium brands because when it comes to body scrub we must go for the best, I think we can make the best for us otherwise we can go for premium brands.
Thank You.

I really like used coffee powder … with water… well … it is a mess though :wink: