Best Electrolysis Wollongong/Sydney Area.. Help

Hey guys, I have just created an account after hours and hours and hours of very interesting material on this website. I am after a good electrolysis/electrolysist in the Wollongong/Sydney area (NSW, Australia).

I have read blend is the best option for what I am after. I am needing electrolysis on the chin area. Basically I want to clear everything under my lips until the end of my chin. That area was lasered with a gentlelase at results laser in parramatta. They obviously didn’t use the right settings or the right machine, I wish I read these forums earlier and went for a yag session. They should have told me this though. Obviously no experience in men’s facial hair removal!

I am after electrolysis because of the 5oclock shadow that I want gone. My chin area is patchy as hell under each side of my lips. There are areas where it is totally bald. I would post photos but I’ve just shaved and you wouldn’t be able to see the hair. I would say there isn’t a lot, as I’m only young and a few clearances should have me feeling better.

I wad also wanting to clear my shoulders and upper back after reading several success stories from several people on this forum. I’ve read lots and lots, josefa*? not sure if that’s how you spell it, man that’s some awesome results.

As mentioned I live in the Wollongong/Sydney area and wanted some feedback on some electrolysis centers in the area. Feedback from customers would be great!!

I’ve looked at the “advanced electrolysis centre”, “hairstop” and “clinical electrolysis”. I found these with a google search. It looks like “hairstop” use blend, I’ve heard that works well on the face. I’m guesss ing it would work well on shoulders too? Any feedback would be much much much appreciated!

I’m on vacation at the moment and haven’t had a chance to call these places. When I arrive home I will go for consultations, it’s just I’d love to hear feedback before I go with it.

I would have posted photos although I cannot work out how to do it on my mobile. I have olive European skin and hairs which I would not consider too dark.
Thanks people, awesome site with some incredibly informative info

The only person who comes to mind, is a lady who had a clinic on George st in th CBD, and moved about 15 years ago to Camden. The next closest good blend operater, is Sharon Glen in Maroubra. In woolongong, as in most other areas,all you are likely to find is beauty therapists, who in the course of their beauty training, did a few hours of electrolysis, as part of their curriculum. I have many clients who commute from there,in fact I had one just yesterday.

Thanks for the replies.

So Christine, you are located at the clinical centre? What methods are used there? Hairstop use blend, well their website says this.

Do you have details of Sharon?


Oh and by the way, is blend the way to go on the face? And is it a good technique for the shoulders too??

My two cents? Blend is not better for the face. The best modality is the modality that your electrologist feels comfortable using. All modalities work, but some of the newer types of epilators with newer types of thermolysis are simply awesome. If your electrologists has another set up, you will still get permanent hair removal, so be at ease.

I have just heard today that Sharon is not currently practising. My suggestion is this, that you have short treatments/ consultations at several clinics, and then compare how the different modalities feel, and how your skin reacts to them. Then you are will equipped to decide who to proceed with and which system you feel most confident with. As Dee correctly says, all methods produce good results, as long as the practitioner is well skilled.

Thanks for the advice!

I was wondering if there were any people from these forums who have visited any of these clinics in Sydney and had great results? Feed back would be great