Best Electrolysis Method for PCOS

I have excess hair growth on my upper lip and chin due to PCOS. I also have severe hyperpigmentation on my upper lip from excessive tweezing/threading. I believe the hyperpigmentation is the result of constant inflammation from daily plucking. I am East Indian with PCOS.

I have been told that the hyperpigmentation may clear once the hair has been permanently removed. I pray that it does (I did not do anything about the pigmentation b/c I thought it was melasma the whole 2 years of it being there).

Which method is the best to effectively and quickly remove course hair for one who has PCOS? I have sensitive skin.

I found an electrologist that uses both blend or flash. I read that blend is safer although slower. Which should I use for my hyperpigmented upper lip?

Also, should I ask to start with clearances and continue them throughout treatment? I would really like to be rid of the hair as soon as possible. I am so depressed over this and have stopped living a normal life. :frowning:

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Unless you have a very reliable referral, start with a short treatment, and wait to see how long it takes for your skin to completely recover. Then, you are in a better position to decide how you wish to proceed. With delicate Indian type skin, it is best to dip your toe in first.

I’ve had mostly blend and thermolysis methods used on my skin when I was getting electrolysis done. it takes quite a few sessions but is definitely worth it. Thermolysis did feel a little more intense. The more important thing would be finding a reputable Electrologists more than anything else.

I find that the blend is less painful in the upper lip area but not as fast as flash. Both will work but you should test the waters first and see. You dont want to add to your hyperpigmentation.

I suggest very high intensity and very fast timing - this is referred to as superflash or on some machines, pico. I suggest an insulated probe.

To avoid hyperpigmentation, apply cool compresses immediately following treatment.

Start with no more than a 15 minute treatment and increase the appointment time if you feel comfortable with your reaction.

Thank you. I will start off on the conservative side and will book smaller appointments initially. Again, I really appreciate your responses. :slight_smile:

Hi Arlene,

Thanks for your recommendation. I’m a little concerned that the high intensity will further damage my skin. Is this ok to use on East Indian clients? Also, I forgot to mention that my hair is very coarse on my upper lip. I read that blend is more effective for coarse hair. Should I still go with the flash?

Have you seen this type of hyperpigmentation before on any of your clients? If so, do you remember if the hyperpigmentation ever faded during electrolysis or after electrolysis?

I really hope I don’t have any adverse effects. Electrolysis is my only hope of returning to a normal life.

Thanks for your quick response.

Thanks to everyone else who replied so quickly to my question. :slight_smile:

Hi pphp,

Familiar with East-Indian skin? Are you familiar with Queens, New York?
If you are, then now, the question is rhetorical. But yes, very much so familiar.

Pulsing high intensity WITH an insulated probe is my suggestion. The conductivity
in the insulated area - closest to the epidermis - is reduced - less possibility of hyperpigmentation.

Very cold compresses immediately following treatment will minimize hyperpigmentation - should you react. There are also melanocyte blockers
such as hydroquinnone that are available - this will prevent hyperpigmentation.

Regarding your coarse hairs on your upper-lip: a thicker probe is used and the tissue does not get as hot. Upper-lip insertion tend to be shallow so because you are fearful of hyperpigmentation - I suggest not having contiguous follicles treated - meaning - work every third or fourth hair - DO NOT work follicles directly next to each other.

There is no guarantee that you will not experience hyperpigmentation but you can minimize this risk. In any event, should you have hyperpigmentation, it will fade - with normally occurring cell renewal or you can use mind exfoliants to speed up this process.

When you decide to have treatments, have one side done thermolysis w/insulated probe and the other side, blend. You might like the tissue reaction more with one or the other but whomever says blend is less painful most likely does not have modern high end equipment.

Hi Arlene,

Wow, thanks so much for your expert advice. It all makes perfect sense to me. I’m going to copy and paste this info for my electrologist!

I’m nervous about coming home after having electrolysis done since my upper lip is so dark and I don’t want my family to see. Is it possible to apply bare minerals powder with a clean brush after treatment, and then wash it off about 20 minutes later? I know it sounds stupid but I really don’t want anyone in my family to see what I’m dealing with when I walk into the house, they will freak. I can wash it off and then hide in my room without makeup for the rest of the day. :s

Sorry for the late response. I have finals right now.

Thank you! I feel so much more confident now that I have advice from you and C O`Connell. :slight_smile:

Maybe an ice pack before coming home would help settle the redness??

I would try a treatment first. Makeup on freshly treated skin is really a bad idea. But chances are no one will notice, it’s not going to have as much visual effect as you think if you are with a good practitioner.

I like to apply the purest aloe possible right after treatment and put ice on the treated area the minute your electrologist is done with treatment, which often times means bringing your own ice in a cooler. The type of insulated probe can also make a big difference when using thermolysis. Laurier makes a probe specifically for treating upper lip which can reduce your redness significantly. No makeup for at least twenty four hours.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

It’s not the red upper lip I’m worried about showing. I have a hyperpigmented upper lip that’s very dark due to excessive threading/tweezing. It’s so dark it looks like a full on mustache. I really can’t bare to have anyone at home see it while I come home from an appointment. I’m actually hoping the redness will make it look less dark so it won’t look so messed up.

I guess I will hold back on the makeup, yikes.

Thanks for the tips.