Best electrolysis after-care

Hi all,

I’m really happy with my electrolysis journey so far and the results I’m seeing, so much so that I’ve decided to move onto to new areas. I’m skin type iv and therefore prone to scarring and I was just wondering what everyone’s views are on the best type of topical after care for post-electrolysis. I’ve been using aloe Vera but I find it difficult to obtain a high quality gel with minimal added ingredients. Is it possible to use something else like rosehip oil instead which I’ve heard helps reducing scarring?

Thanks very much

The most important aspect of avoiding scarring is, by far, a skilled electrologist using appropriate energy levels. The best thing you can do is nothing extra. A regular, simple and gentle skincare routine is fine. Anything else is going to be mostly a waste of time and money.

If by “scarring”, you actually mean redness, swelling, pinpoint scabs and hyperpigmentation, then these are all temporary, not scarring, and the solution is to still do nothing extra. Your skin will take care of it.

If you’ve already been legitimately scarred, then that’s a different discussion.

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You’re right there. I actually mean hyperpigmentation after the scabs have fallen off. Luckily no scars!