Best electrolyist+how 2 find em!

Could any (happy) people who’ve had electrolysis done on their upper lip tell me how they found a good electrolysis…?

I know hardly anything about electrolysis and know nobody whos had it done so im pretty eager to find ppl who had it done sucessfully!!

I just need ur advice really!..what do i ask, what do i look for…what to expect in the appointment…

Thnx in advance…ur advice is worth a million!!!

Basically, you need to get a sample treatment and consultation from as many electrologists as you can find in your area.

Go to our Sister Site and read up on things over there. There is a section devoted to answering your question there.

It is very important that no matter how wonderful the first electrologist you find is, that you continue to shop others. In the worst case, you find that some one else out there is better and more convenient to you, in the best case, you confirm the one you liked so much as being greater than you even imagined.