Best Electrologist in U.S.---James Walker?


I am looking for the best electrologist in the U.S. The person with the most experience, up to date equipment and technique…will travel anywhere for this…is James Walker the best??
will travel to see him if necessary but was hoping to find someone closer to Washington D.C.


To help you find a proficient electrologist click to and read it very carefully.


The question you have asked is like asking who is the best plumber in the United States; who would know all the plumbers in the country, who would make this judgement, and what would be the criteria?

You should be able to find someone good just by knowing what to look for and talking to clients who are finished and happy with the treatment they have received.

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Everyone wants the BEST ELECTROLOGIST IN THE COUNTRY. How in the world can you get information from BIASED individuals. One electrologist directed all inquiries to his web site. The number of opinions about treating the skin after laser treatments is quite varied here. This means they ALL work or it does not make much difference as long as the skin is cooled fast (preferably with ice…just as you would treat any burn you get from your stove). The number of treatments is not uniform but they all agree you need more treatments. Patients become an annuity with a steady flow of cash to whoever is doing the treatments.

If no doctor is present the treatments are illegal (this is an FDA regulation). There is no accredited school to teach how to use a laser in the entire country and there is NO LICENSING AGENCY TO ISSUE SUCH A LICENSE. Hospitals teach residents how to do it but electrologists can not become students as it is only for doctrors.

It has now been shown benign freckles can become melanomas after exposure to intense laser light (LENTIGO MALIGNA). There at least 2 articles in peer review journals to date and nobody knows how many were never reported over the ten years lasers have been used for hair removal.

It is interesting to note there are NO STATISTICS ON THE EFFICACY AND/OR SAFETY OF MEDICAL LASERS AFTER 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE WITH THESE DEVICES. It seems “You pays your nickle and takes your chances”. FDA has NOT DEMANDED THIS SORT OF DATA AS THEY DO WITH OTHER DEVICES. LIKE “stents”. If the statistics do not hold up over time the products can be recalled, relabled with a warning to protect the patient.