Best electric shaver for close shave?

I’m looking for an electric razor that cuts as close to the skin as possible without causing any irritation or ingrown hairs. Any recommendations would be very helpful. Thanks!

Best shaver for closest shave and no irritation is the Seiko Cleancut. I’ve used one for 6 or 8 years and absolutely love it.

is this for the entire body or just the pubic area? I’m looking for an electric shaver for my legs/butt!

I use it for pubic area. It’s too small and would take too long for your entire body- you didn’t specify what are you needed the razor for in your original post.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. Do you know of an electric shaver that cuts very close without leaving any irritation that can be used on the entire body?

I’m very happy with my Panasonic ES8103S razor. I use it on my butt/torso and for a couple of years used it daily on my legs with no irritation or ingrowns, but everyone is different in how they either get irritation/ingrowns or they don’t for the same razor.

Thanks Trimmed!

It looks more like an electric razor for your face. Does it take a long time to do your body? I’ve been using norelco body groom but it is giving me some serious irritation.

It is a razor made for the face so with that said, it will take a while to shave larger areas. I also have a BodyGroom and use it as well, but only for when I need to cut hair that is at least an 1/8" long. The BodyGroom has never done very well for a real close shave. In fact, when I let the hair on my chest/stomach get over an 1/8", I use the BodyGroom followed by the Panasonic for an ultra close shave. I get a much closer shave with the Panasonic while wet in the shower.