Best choice?

My hair on my face is very blonde and very fine. But it is all over. There is so much. From my chin to my lip all over my checks almost reaching my eyes, some on my forehead and alot of fuzz all over my nose. This to me is so hard to deal with. I have been reading this forum for weeks trying to make a decision on where to go which machine to use, who to trust.
I’m only 25 years old and I sit here crying about this every day. It’s becoming unberable. I know its just going to get worse the hair on my moms face is the same way just much, much longer. It looks horrible. I can’t deal with this getting any worse. Isn’t there anything I can do???
I have this heavy peach fuzz ALL OVER my body I just can’t handle it on my face.
My hormone levels are fine, I don’t know who else to talk to. It seems the more I mess with it the worse it gets. I feel bad for my husband and kids because they see me so upset with myself all the time I don’t want this to effect them.
Someone plaese help.

Hey Blonde
Please don’t worry about it, having peach fuzz is completely normal, everyone has hair over their body.
I have the same problem as you, my face hair is slightly thicker (although blonde) and there is an awful lot of it.
I suffered severe depression about it a while back, even considered ending my life. I probably made it a lot worse though by waxing it every now and then, but I wised up, talked to councilor and started electrolysis.
I figured the hair/earline area is ok to leave as most people have that, but I’m trying to thin the chin and side of the mouth areas, and the sides of my eyebrows.
I’ve come to terms with the fact that it will be a slow and long process, but I’m hopeful for the future (I’ve even recently started having my arms done too!)
With each session, less comes back or those that do are thinner and less noticeable.
I get down now and then, but just try and put it to the back of mind and hope that my next session hurry’s up! Once you start electrolysis and stop worrying, you’ll be suprised how quick the results will come.

I am so sorry to hear how distraught you are about this (though i can definitely understand). You could always give electrolysis a try, see how you feel after each treatment. Do like I and many others here have done. Post after every treatment. We’ll all tell you if what you’re getting sounds appropriate. And you can always stop the treatments if you are unhappy with how it’s going.

But at least if you try, you are doing something about it, because just being upset will only make you more and more upset, and unfortunatley won’t make the hair go away. Hugs,