Best approach to LHR- shoulders + back?

I’m interested in getting hair removed from my shoulders and back (male-dark hair/light skin). From my reading I’ve decided to go with LHR. A place in my area uses a Lightsheer but I have yet to go for a consultation.

What is my best approach? Should I do shoulders first to see if I respond well? I figured this may be smarter than spending the money on shoulders and back at the same time only to find I don’t respond well.

If the time between treatments is 6-8 weeks?, and I have 6 treatments that’s approximately 7 months time. How long after that would I have to wait to gauge the successfulness of treatment? Or could successfulness be determined at some earlier point?

Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated!

If money is an issue, you might do a smaller area for starters, then do more if you are pleased with the results.

To gauge permanent hair reduction, you’ll probably need to wait 6-12 months after final treatment to see an accurate assessment, but you should have a fairly good idea how you are responding toward the end of the treatment schedule. The problem is there is no guarantee, even though you sound like an ideal candidate.

Remember, practitioner skill is very important, so make sure the person you see is experienced. Let us know how it goes!