best and most effective permanent hair removal method?

I want to know what the most effective method for permanent hair removal? I have tried the light sheer laser, and it is good, but the results takes time and it hurts alot.

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The short answer to your question is that Electrolysis is the only proven permanent hair removal system, with nearly 150 years of practical useage and research. On the other hand, some people have reported limited succes with LASER and Light Based Devices. It all depends on what your goals are, your dedication to the process and how well you tolerate financial risk.

Though some people have found laser reduction a solution for their particular problem, it’s interesting to note that for example, Italy’s esthetics industry has turned their attention away from laser hair reduction and back toward electrolysis. Sales of a particular brand of electrolysis probes (Ballet) hit a new, all-time record high in 2003.

Electrolysis is and has always been the gold standard by which all hair removal methods are judged. Laser hair removal still intrigues me and I’m always happy to hear when people get results and are happy. But good ole’ electrolysis is and always will be there to pick up the slack,if need be, to provide ultimate permanency.

thanks for your reply. I have seen alot of results with the lightsheer laser, but it was after 6 treatments and is now going for my 7. treatment. Is the Electrolysis really that much better than laser and does it work on all sort of hair color and skin type? And what about the price,is it more expensive than the laser?

With a good electrologist, permanent removal is less expensive than LASER, and electrology is superior as on a hair by hair basis, it has a better kill rate, and the number of repeat treatments per follicle are much less.

With a good electrologist, most people can be done with hair removal in less than two years on anything they want, if they put in the time.

i have read something about ultra hair away, is it really true or is it just a scam? has anyone tried it?

Start with laser, if you are a good candidate, then finish with electrolysis. If you have light colored hair, blonde, gray, or white then just go with electrolysis. Electrolysis works on all hair colors but laser does not. It sounds like you have had good results with the Lightsheer. It is a great laser I have had great results with it too. No it didn’t get all of the hairs, but it got most of them. I am finishing with electrolysis.For me it took less time, less total hours of treatment to get the first 95% of the hair with laser than it would have with electrolysis. Eight hour long treatments got rid of 95% of the coarse black hair on my chest and abs. It would have taken more than 8 hours and a lot more money to remove that much hair with electrolysis. But, laser did not get all of the hair, it made the remainder finer and lighter and laser was not as effective on it. Plus I believe some of the remaining follicles are too deep for the Lightsheer laser to reach. So I am finishing up with electrolysis which so far I am very happy with.Body hair is very resilient. It takes a committment of time and money to achieve permanent removal. There is no free lunch here. Don’t give up now!Ultra Hair Away and Hair No More (hair inhibitors) are scams. Save your money and stay away.RJC2001


 you probably don't remember me.  It has been awhile since I have been on this site.  You were able to answer some questions for me in the past.  
 Back in 1998 I had laser hair removal treatment when the technology seemed to first hit the market.  I paid well over $1500 for my chest and ab area with poor results at best.  I have dark brown to black hair on my chest and abs.  

Incidentally the physician soon went out of business

I have seen you mention good results with laser and I am willing to give in another try. Can you refer a place here in LA that you feel might offer better results for me? Also could you possibly suggest a price range that I might be looking at?

Thanks for all your help as usual.


Hi, thejoshuatreeI haven’t looked at this section of the forum in awhile. Sorry for the delayed response. And yes I do remember you. What laser were you treated with? If it was something like the Softlight that was proven not to be effective at all. Not knowing any better, when I first started out, I made some appointments to start Softlight treatments. Fortunately, they cancelled at the last minute. I looked for other practitioners and I found my current one who I am extremely happy with. If you have light skin, I would recommend a diode laser like the Lightsheer. If you have dark skin, I would recommend a Nd:YAG 1064 laser like the Coolglide, Lyra-i, or the Sciton. How many treatments did you have? One treatment is most likely not enough. My practitioner gets a lot of patients who had disappointing results at other places. It turns out that most of them were undertreated. It takes a lot of practitioner skill to use a fluence that is high enough but not so high as to cause permanent skin damage.I don’t know about any of the practitioners in the LA area. I thought you lived in Alaska, you must have moved. You’ll need to do some research, call the hair removal practitioners in your area, ask about experience and what equipment they have. Andrea has some pointers on choosing a practitioner on The laser manufacturers may be able to provide you with the names of practitioners in your area that use their lasers.Some sites to check out:For the Lightsheer, check or www.skinandhealth.comThe Apex 800 diode laser www.iridex.comThe Coolglide www.cutera.comThe Lyra-i www.laserscope.comThe www.sciton.comAlso, check out They hae a Comet combination diode laser/RF device that looks promising. I tried their Aurora and it gave some promising results, but I maxed out on their fluence level and need something stronger. The Comet looks good but is not available here in the midwest yet.Hope this helps.RJC2001

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