Berkowits school of electrology

Did anyone hear anything about Berkowits school of electrology? I have their phone # and brochure, but does anyone know about the quality of education there and if it is worthwhile?

Thank you.

Berkowits has been in business since 1978 and have manufactured an epilator since 1982. Please note they do not have a web presence (though there is an unrelated company in India the pretends to have a connection), so it’s important to contact them by phone for information.

Director Barry Herman and I have spoken by phone, and he has graduated many qualified students over the years.

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Thanks for the reply.
I got their brochure and it says that the length of the course is 120 hrs. Is that enough? Would one graduate being a competent electrologist?

The Berkowits school has course lengths that correspond with the regulations of various states. NY, being an unlicensed state, there is no regulations on course hours needed. Berkowits shortest program is for 125 hours. This includes class time, lecture time, and hands on training. It is assumed that the prospective electrologist would spend time outside the class reading from the electrolysis “Cannon” and therefore the class time is spent on hands on, and fine tuning one’s understanding. Some people are not able to get a good handle on things in this compressed type of program. For those people the longer programs that are less self driven are recommended.

I think most people would agree that no matter how great one’s school is, one really doesn’t feel comfortable that one knows how to do this work until sometime after one’s first year doing it regularly, and after having to make treatment plans for lots of different types of situations and areas.

In short, Some of the worst lawyers in history have come out of Harvard, and some of the best have too. A good student can learn anywhere. A bad student will have trouble learning anywhere.