Berkowits and AIE Schools

I’m ready to enroll in school. I live in Ohio and need licensing to be able to practice and I really want the certification. I’ve been working on myself and friends with an Apilus Jr and an Instantron Ellite. I’ve also had some instruction from a friend who is an Electrologist. I am confident in my insertions and I’ve managed to not scar myself or anyone else. :slight_smile:

There are two schools in Ohio and one costs $14,000 and the other is not currently offering the course so I am looking for alternatives and was wondering what people think of Berkowits? Has anyone who has needed out of state certification attended school there? Will it be difficult for me to get licensed in Ohio if I go to school in New York?

I am also interested in AIE as it offers distance learning which is nice but when you read about licensing for Ohio on their site they do not seem to be an accredited school for my state.

Any information is appreciated.


I saw three schools listed in Ohio, Anne.

You will have to take the test, written and practical, to practice in Ohio, I’m pretty sure. Have you talked to Vickie Mickey here in Columbus about this? You need 750 hours and you will be laser certified as well…


Thanks Dee! I know of Vickey’s school and Lorain community college. Which is the 3rd?

Haha! I found the 3rd school in Mansfield!

Last I heard about the school in Mansfield, they include an Apilus epilator if you enroll with them. That was about a year and half ago.

I was at Vickie Mickey’s place a couple months ago. It is very nice! Lorain was really nice, too. I haven’t been to Mansfield. If you check it out, let me know what you think.

I’m glad there are choices and competition now in Ohio. There has usually been only one school. We are very lucky to have three, as some states have NONE!

Colorado has one but it sucks.

Some would say they all “suck” :wink:

I would echo Dee on the concept that if you plan on going the license route, it is best to talk to Vicky, as the board has the ability to be pretty arbitrary about what education it will “accept” as proof you know anything.

Just be sure and do your research to make sure that you are correct when you swear upon penalty of perjury that the code applies to you.


Have you seen :

  • two things:

The school in Mansfield charges you for an epilator as part of a lab fee.
Looks like you aren’t laser certified. Vickie Mickey’s school’s tuition is higher, but you will be certified to practice laser in the end.

Some would say they all “suck” :wink:
That would be me saying! They all suck! :grin:

But you will get the basics along with some experience, and then it’s up to you whether you will rock or suck as an electrologist.