Belly questions.....first time

Hi, Im an 18 y/old female and this is my first time to post at Hairtell. When i was 12 i noticed that my hair grew thicker than others and now (almost 7 years later) i’ve had enough. My stomach “snail trail” is horrible. I’ve been having it waxed for 12 months now. Approx every 6 weeks, because I do jazz/tap and ballet. When competitions are on i have to show my stomach. But after 2 weeks it looks like a ‘normal’ persons amount. It’s just embarressing and its hard to buy bathers. I’d love to wear a bikini! I’ve been reading all the posts in laser hair removal, hoping it was a permenant alternative. But it doesnt look like it now. Can anyone give me their stomach electrolysis stories/tips/sheduals/costs $AU? It would really help my research. Thanks! :smile:

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I am a male who has had his belly hair or “snail trail” as you call removed by electrolysis… The hair covered mosst of the belly area. It took about 8 hours to clear it up @ $65 rate per hour. The rate today is probably higher.I found the removal a pleasant experience.

I am having my belly cleared and have gone for 3 treatments so far. That area takes much longer to heal than other areas (more prone to scabbing), so I would be sure to use hydrogen peroxide for about 2 days after treatments and keep it well moisturized because moisture helps in healing.

Hi, ButterflyBelly.

If you’re in Sydney you can try Jessica at Advanced Electrolysis Centre in Paddington or Noreen at Permanence in Drummoyne.

You can book a free consult with either, both use galvanic electrolysis and charge about AUS$100/hr for two machines and you have to buy a set of needles, once off cost, as well.

I’m male and have had work done at both, mainly a little further south than the snail trail. :wink:

I’d agree that it tends to scab in that area. These have lasted up to 2.5 weeks, so you may need to consider whether to delay until end of summer. They recommend no swimming, sun bathing or heavy sweaty exercise after treatment. A bit tough with 38 degree weather.

I’ve have some darkening but it’s slowly fading. The extent of scabbing and pigmentation is very much an individual thing depending on skin type.

Be warned galvanic electrolysis is very slow so the cost can add up. I guess it will depend on how thick the hairs are and the area size you want done.


i had my belly done a few years ago and i’m really happy with the results. i don’t even think about it anymore. i used to wax it for years and it was a horrible process (growing in…). you should stop waxing right away, if you’re gonna do electrolysis, as it supposedly messes around with the pore.
i’m in canada so i can’t help you out with prices or anything.
good luck!

I have treated at least 2000 abdomens over the past 46 years on men and women.

For women the average case can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours of treatment. Cost $85.00 to $400.00 and that is it for life.

The area does scab and hyperpigmentate so total healing could take a few months or more.

Fino is one of the fastest thermolysis electrologist in the world. Forty-Six years of doing something will do that for you. :wink:
What will be more useful for you to understand is that there are many variables in your treatment. Whereas Galvanic electrolysis may take 20 to 60 seconds per hair, Blend usually is done in 7 to 12 seconds, and finally Thermolysis effects treatment in as little as a millisecond. The next variable is the speed of the electrolysis practitioner working in conjuction with the skin and angles of insertion you present.

In general, you must be able to answer the questions; “How many hairs do I have per square centimeter?” “How many hairs per minute can my electrologist clear out working specifically on MY body, in THAT exact area?” and “How soon would we get to first clearance utilizing those numbers?”

This is why no electrologist wants to even try to guesstimate things like “What will it cost?” and “How long will it take?” We can only give you the basic information that in the perfect situation one can spread out treatment over 9 months and be done, while most people take 18 to 24 months based on the treatment schedule they choose to persue.