Belfast: Electrolysis by Bev

Beverly Evans Messer, RN, CPE
124 Union Street Belfast, Maine 04915

I am a professional electrologist and have just found your site. Would you allow me to be listed please. Thank you. Bev

I wear both mask and gloves and I am very particular about sterilization and use medical techniques in my sterilization and handling of items.

My consultation is free and I will do a treatment at the same time if the client desires. My office is in my home and is very private. I am very careful to protect my TS clients and am very supportive. I do display my credentials and licenses. I am licensed in both Maine and New Hampshire. I have 17 years of experience as an electrologist and 26 years of nursing experience. I have had electrolysis treatments on most of my own body so I am very much aware of the discomfort and use Lidocaine 5% topical for client comfort