Beginning electrolyisis soon, please help!

Hey, everyone. I posted a few weeks ago and was unsure what or when I was going to do something. Well Spring break starts next week and I would REALLY like to get at least my first sessin of electrolysis in then, or at least be able to find an electrologst. If you didn’t read or don’t remember my other posts, I decided to go with electrolysis to remove my upper lip hair.

I live in Arizona and would strongly appreciate recommendations. Also, on a consultation appointment, what are some good questions to ask? What type of credentials should the person have? How much experience should they at least have to safely treat my upper lip? Any advice you have would be great. Also, I am only 14 so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Thanks for any advice!

you would probably need parent’s permission when you go in for treatment since you’re under 18. check out for some information you’re looking for. Try this site as well or run a search on this forum for “arizona”