began spiro 1 month ago, considering laser

Just wondering how long i should wait to try laser removal after i’ve begun spiroaccatone…i’ve noticed no reduction in hair yet, but would like to get this fur off my body

If you want the best results from the laser, I’ve read its best to start laser treatment as early as possible, the spiro may thin out or lighten hair, which actually makes the laser less effective. I’ve been on spiro 7 months, and the hair reduction isnt even close to what i had hoped thus far (most reduction takes longer than even that)

Spiranolactone will not get rid of hair - it is used to suppress males hormones, which is what is causing inappropriate hair growth. What is will do is stop your body from recruiting any more vellus hairs to become coarse terminal hairs. But, the hair you have already gotten will stay that way until you have some form of hair removal, whether electrolysis or laser. At this point, starting laser hair removal will certainly be effective, since you are already on the medication. If you stop taking meds then chances are you will start growing more terminal hairs (I know, this is so unfair!), so you must stay on the medication to get the best results. I hope this information helps. Ciao