Began electrolysis, now looking for a unit

Hi, everybody. I just wanted to post about the electrolysis I’ve already began, and what i’m tossing around for progressive treatments. Of course, it’s really nothing new; In my ongoing treatments and learning, I’m realizing self, or co-treatment is a real possibility. It’s after all that I’ve learned, from laser, from re-evaluating my plans, my expectations, that I’m really beginning to appreciate the postings of the more solid knowledge sources here like James and Dee.

After experiencing the guesswork and largely unfounded claims of laser sessions, I realize this: Electrolysis is a solid course to bank on and it’s probably a lot more healthy for one’s skin. And, the proven technology is something that can be put to use by the layman with a careful hand and careful practice. By watching my electrologists for hours and hours, I know there’s some real hard-learned experience there at work. I know it’s presumptuous to expect to be that good. But, I think with enough stumbling, I could get through enough to suppliment my ongoing sessions.

The sessions have been painful, but it is no more painful than a laser treatment, and there seems a more direct correlation between treatment intensity (2-3mA’s) and great clearance. In the areas treated, I’m really impressed by the thoroughness. True, the earlist treatment is slightly more than a month ago, but the presence of not a single hair sprouting back up far surpasses any other type of hair removal I have tried. I’m getting blend treated about every five days at $70 a session. The little scab dots take about a week to go away and I use the usual creams to prevent irritations and complications.

Of course, my biggest question is why did I throw away so much on laser, believing ‘one more session’ would produce results, when those thousands of dollars would have purchased an excellent galvanic/blend/flash/thermolysis machine I could’ve used at home between pro sessions.

So that’swhere I’m at now, plotting out what areas I want to have worked on, while keeping my eyes open for a good machine. I’m looking to spend between $300 to $800 for a starter machine that will allow me to grow into with acquired skill and follow the galvanic, progressing to blend, path of self and co-treatment. Thing is, it’s frustrating looking for these machines. Ebay really doesn’t have much of a selection, and they just aren’t as available for purchase as I would have thought. And many times they’re missing parts. I wouldn’t mind so much paying to repair a broken one, but missing proprietary parts can be a real obstacle. It seems only during liquidations and retiring Electrolygists sales do the real machines become available. In any case, there’s no rush. One thing I have learned is that it’s a steady but sure process. You just kind of have to let the treatments carry on without thinking so much about it.