Before pictures?

I’m going to treat my hole upper body next thursday at a new clinic and they said on the consultation at the beginning of august that they take before pictures. But yesterday one of the practitioners called to verify that a was going to come to my apointment and told me to either shave three days before or trim the hair down very short and that they would than shave me again at the clinic. But now I discovered that if I do that then they will be taking the before pictures when my hair is trimmed. Should I tell them that I want the pictures taken with my hair as it is when it is not trimmed? I mean isn’t that the best way to compare later?
Also, does anyone know or have experience from the thinner regrowth one have when undergoing LHR and if the hairs will remain thin or become thick and coarse again?

You are correct.

You may need to take real good before pictures yourself prior to starting this procedure. A digital camera with 5 mega-pixels or more is advisable.

Thankyou for the answer mr Walker. I see you are a electrologist and I have a question about electrology. I have had 6 treatmenst of LHR on complete back and now I am seeing new hair growth at the sides of the nape of my neck which was not there before. I know this becuse this hair is visible when I have a t-shirt on when before my hair would be completely covered if you understand what I mean. It is not very much hair or very coarse but still it is new hair and I wonder if electrolysis realy is a permanent solution because I fear that when I start treating my chest hair maybe new hair will start growing up the front of my neck and pop out of my t-shirt (horrible!) and I would like to know if it is possible to battle against these hairs and kill them with electrolysis without getting scars on my neck.
I have a female cousine in my home country Iran who had un-normal facial hair at the side burns, upper lip and under her chin and she got rid of it with electrolysis or “needle cure” as they call it over there. But I don’t know if it was galvanic or thermolysis. Anyway, she has no scars from it.

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You are correct.

Electrolysis will (should you find a good practitioner) end this hair growth for good, and you can redefine your hair line in any way you want. All modalities of electrolysis can lead to permanent hair removal. Practitioner skill is the main thing you need to look for.

I’ve never heard of hair becoming more coarse after treatments. it’s usually thinner if not removed…

Okay lagirl.
But I just want to clearify myself in case I misunderstood if you understood what I mean, hehe. I mean like this: My hairs were very coarse before treatments and now they are very thin. But will these hairs thicken again or will they remain thin? What is the common long terme experience regarding this phenomenon?


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i doubt they will thicken. the same theory applies. in the worst case scenario, i suspect you’ll be left with the same thing you have now.