Before first time electrolysis

I’m 26-year-old woman with PCOS and I’m thinking of visiting a few local electrologists before deciding where I want treatments. I have a few questions, I would really appreciate if someone could answer.

  1. What should I ask/look for during the first consult that helps choosing the technician?

  2. During the treatment are there any signs that it’s being done improperly? (Only thing I read is that it’s not OK to feel the hair being pulled. Is bleeding normal for example?)

  3. I want to treat my chin and upper lip area. The hair is very coarse, dense and quite deep (about 3 mm deep I’d say). Can it still be treated without permanent scarring? Is it better not to treat all of them at one session because it’s dense?

  4. I have braces, is it a problem?:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot if anyone takes the time to answer these!!!

Your own comfort!

  1. if you are feeling the roots being plucked, this isnt very good, but no not really. Bleeding can happen on rare occasion , if for example a insertion goes badlya nd punctures a follicle wall, but it shouldnt be common. Dont stress if it does, all will heal nicely.

  2. Absolutely it’s possible to treat wthout scarring. You shouldnt have to worry about this however.Your electrologist should know how to treat the hair without causig any undesireable skin manifestations

  3. no it isnt a problem. However if cataphoresis is performed to sooth the skin after a session, you may detect a slight metallic taste.This is nothing to be concerned about.

Thanks a lot for the answers, they are very helpful!!:slight_smile: I made an appointment for a consultation for next week, hopefully it goes well.