before and after waxing....

i waxed a couple of days ago in the bikini area and i now have a few red spots/pimples. I didn’t put anything on before or after, so to all the wax queens out there i want to know

1-What can i use before and after to prevent this?
2-How can i get rid of the pimples i have now, and in case i do get them again?
3-Do i use the same before/after products for sugaring and waxing?

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First time waxers get pimply spots because the skin is experiencing something new. It is literally a histimine reaction. Benedryl ointment works.
The body usually get use to it and it doesn’t happen again.

Another reason for break out is clogged pores. Be clean when you start and clean all the wax off. Baby oil clogs pores. Exfoliation helps and it doesn’t have to be tend skin.

Some people are just plan sensitive to wax and break out reguardless. Mild exfoliation helps them.

Sugar is water soluable. So you don’t need oils to clean it. But yes everyone needs to be clean and dry.

Maybe a post wax anaceptic that doesn’t contain alcohol, as this stings.
I don’t put a lot on clients because then I don’t know what they reacted to.