Before + After Electrolysis - 2 years on

Despite reading this forum for hours daily in the past I rarely check back anymore and it is because Electrolysis solved my problem.

I recently came back and thought I should share my results as looking at peoples progress and the images of what could be achieved gave me the drive to save up enough money, find the right Electrologist and get through the sessions.

Here’s two pictures before of my chest and stomach from 2014 (click for larger)

…and two pictures after taken today in 2016.

I had maybe 15 hairs left on this area which were recently removed so maybe you can see that on my skin. I haven’t had to shave or worry about taking off my t-shirt in front of someone else this year, it feels great.

Thanks Josefa and Hairtell members for helping me get here.
You can get the results you want.

Josepha’s work is always beyond spectacular. Unfortunately she may never see this message, she’s left the site.

Thank you for coming back and showing us all the terrific results! It’s sure to inspire a few people. Electrolysis works!


Ditto! Andrea restored her account, so she may see it.