Becomming an Electrologist

How much money would it cost to start up a business really? Equipment and all that + schooling?

It depends on what part of the world you are located.

Even within the USA, the costs vary by state as the educational requirements differ and thus, the tuition will be dramatically different.

In terms of equipment, you will see low end equipment and high end more expensive equipment.

My office rent is my highest monthly expense as I am located in a part of the world where rents are astronomical.

Since you do not indicate your general location, your questions would most likely best be answered by a school. Visit the closest schools to you and they will guide you.

I have to agree with Mrs. Batz here. The range could be as large as $1,200 to $75,000 depending on many factors.

I live in the state of Colorado and just wondering cause then i wonder even if i raised the money to go to a school upon graduation it’s then what and would i be done or would i have to raise more to start a practice buy a machine and all that.

Contact the Colorado Association of Electrologists
Ask for school suggestions.

How old are you?
Are you a student?
Do you currently have a job?

Nope not currently employed, haven’t had much luck the past couple of years trying to find employment and figure maybe i should just work for myself so I was wondering if this is something i could make a career at. Just have no assets or anything to start.

Rejoyce, since Colorado does not have an electrolysis license, you could possibly do an internship with someone to get training, and work your way into the profession, if you can find somone willing to help you out that way.