becoming more sensitive to waxing?

I’ve been having my legs and bikini area professionally waxed for about 15 years. I usually get red spots all over the treated areas afterwards. In the last several months, however, my legs and bikini get really really red, the skin feels all inflamed and quite hot to the touch. Sometimes it even hurts. I usually have to wear pants the following day because it takes about a day and a half till everything is back to normal. I tried aloe vera gel and it did nothing.

I’ve been trying to figure out what going on. Am I suddenly becoming more sensitive to waxing?? Could it have to do with the weather? Or could it be the wax? I’ve been going to a cheaper salon for the last year. At every visit they were always asking me if I wanted Regular wax or the more expensive Sensitive wax. Because I’ve always only ever used regular, that’s what I got. But after this problem started, I tried the sensitive wax on the bikini the last two times and I didn’t get the red bumps problem in that area. I am reluctant to use the sensitive wax on the legs because of the cost. Could there be something wrong with their Regular wax that gives me red bumps?

Would sugaring give me less irritation?

Thanks so much for your help,

it sounds like it is probebly the wax they are using
there are literally dozens of brands of wax out there not all of them are good and the one they are using might be reactive for you. I think its bizarre that they are charging more for the sensitive skin wax, I would definatly switch waxers. Also if this is a new spa it could be a question of the pre or after wax treatment they are giving you, some people react very badly to the after wax oil and should either completely leave it off or rinse it as soon as you get home. It may also be a question of the temp being to high.
there are lots of variables with waxing like any other hair removal- and again, if this started with the new spa, I would definatly switch spas
good luck

Thanks so much. This salon is a slap-dash kind of place and much cheaper than others in the area, so that’s probably why they charge more for the Sensitive stuff.

What would be the best after-wax treatment? They used to apply oil but last time they used some new lotion which is also supposed to be a wax remover. Neither really help my skin.

Would just a wet towel to wipe down my legs be sufficient? One waxer gave that to me once and it seemed better than the oil or wax.

Lastly, does sugaring cause more or less skin irritation?

thanks again so much!
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there is a lot of mixed info on sugaring- the real kind which is slightly more expensive uses a sort of gelatenous ball to roll across the skin- no strips or anything. that kind of sugaring might be easier on the skin because of the lack of additives especially if you are reacting to a single ingrediant.
I am still betting that what you are having is some sort of reaction to a component of the wax. Usually years of waxing has clients reacting less not more to the process. As far as the after oil goes you can deffinatly request that they just whipe you down with a cool rag. If that is your solution when you get home I recommed that you use a little olive oil to remove the residual wax (its also a kick ass moisterizer).
I am still going to urge you to swich your salon. pay a few extra dollars and get a better wax and a better expierence plus hopefully no rash.
good luck

Yes, you’re right, I will switch. I can’t take this reaction anymore! Who knew that there were so many kinds of wax out there?? That’s what makes this site so awesome, all this knowledge that people are willing to share. Thanks so much for all your info and advice!

no problem- I know its surprising how many different types of wax there are but i got to tell you it really does make a difference. Good luck.