beauty salons advertising IPL as LASER

IPL hair-removal systems are the same and can be advertised as lasers? Because many beauty salons in my area, although operating an IPL machine, advertise themselves as LASER CENTRES. However when you call them for info, they stress that their machine is an IPL one, far better than the medical lasers for hair removal. isn’t that illegal to advertise for laser centre when they have ipl?

there are no legal restrictions as far as i know requiring them not to call IPLs lasers. they ARE lasers in a sense, they’re just not specifically HAIR REMOVAL LASERS. They’re basically “general” lasers that do all types of procedures, including hair removal. The problem is that most of them don’t do HAIR REMOVAL well because that’s not their main purpose, as it is with true hair removal lasers. The IPLs like some Palomar ones are specifically made for hair removal, so they’re a bit better. But most of the time you’d be in better hands with a true hair removal laser.

oh, and what they say about IPLs being so great is all sales, often reiterating what the IPL salesman told them when they purchased the machine.

You think that is fraud, there is a doctor’s office in my area advertising an IPL as not only permanent hair removal, but “more comfortable and more effective than electrolysis or other LASERs”

Talk about an outright lie!

I thought there was a law about saying ‘permanent’. I thought they could only say hair reduction???

The FDA clearly states that light based hair reduction treatments are not allowed to advertise their products for permanent hair removal, but rather permanent hair reduction.

Now tell me, who is going to enforce this? Yal, they say this and it’s in print on the FDA website, but no one is going to send the police to arrest anyone over hair removal verses hair reduction.

That’s why we educate the consumer on hairtell dot com, constantly. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


they have to be sued to get anywhere. either an individual or a consumer rights group. if enough people get “burned” there and complain to the state attorney general they might get in trouble, its too small for federal AG.

I think the FDA is joke when it comes to laser hair removal. As long as it’s not burning or causing cancer they couldn’t care less. I tried calling/writing them about an issue with my laser clinic. Just got run-around.