I’m considering laser . . .

Any guy had his last treatment 2 or more years ago? Results?

It’s 5 months since my last treatment. I had 9 IPL and 2 diode laser. Overall the results are patchy. Why do you ask 2+ years?

I ask 2 years for two reasons:

  1. The clinic I went to only guarantees their result for 2 years.

  2. I can’t find any clinical studies that measure longer than 1-2 years. (And not one study specifically on male beards!)

because he wants to find someone who has had a beard actually cleared to completion, with a fully permanent result before he shells out thousands of dollars, just to have to start over with electrolysis, when thousands of dollars would have gotten him real clearance and not wasted his money.

Electrolysis can show men who have had their beards completely removed and have stable, smooth, clear faces, and no treatments two years later.

Click on the photos in my member box for some pics of what good electrolysis can do.

Thanks for quick replies!

Jimmy, are your results permanent or is it growing back? What do you mean patchy?

James, have you treated men after their hair grew back from laser? What was the condition of their post-laser/pre-electrolysis beards?

Patchy meaning the hair loss is not uniform. There are bald spots in the shape of the laser head. Certain areas–moustache, chin, sideburns–have much more hair remaining–although they too have bald patches in them. I saw a lot of regrowth a few months after my last treatment. As of now, fine hairs are continuining to grow thicker, and “new” (old?) hairs are regrowing in bald patches, just very very slowly. There are patches of hair all around the face that were never lost and continue to grow normally. So I still have to shave everyday. If not the patchiness looks very weird! Hope that helps.

I hope the guarantee you are referring to is not from American Laser Center. They DO NOT guarantee that the hair will be removed! They guarantee to remove whatever hair REGROWS for a period of two years.

maleface, guarantees don’t mean anything. and i would first of all advise you to stay away from that chain clinic that is hard-selling you. if you search these forums, you’ll find tons of negative reviews on this clinic. jimmyjames also used it.

it’s really important to find a good tech and a good laser, regardless of the guarantee. this isn’t the type of industry, where a guarantee is possible to give. it’s just a sales tactic. laser doesn’t work the same on everyone.

if you want some success stories, find posts by hairlessinla, RC2001, NoHair, etc on this site. They’ve all been done more than 2 years ago.

here’s another link where you’ll find others:…643eefa3f4a50e1

please read the FAQs and do your research, look into 3-4 clinics before you make your choice. this shouldn’t be a quick decision and stay away from anyone who hard-sells you instead of worrying about your results.

Here’s another story with pictures that someone posted just yesterday:



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Hi all, just checking in.

I had laser hair removal with a Lightsheer several years ago. From February 2002 (28 fluence) to April 2004 (53 fluence), I had 11 treatments on my forearms (8 on my legs).

Early results were posted at:

I’m happy to say that the effects of the treatments have lasted over 2 years. I’ve seen no indication that the hairs are going to return.

I just wanted others to know that even though Lightsheer laser is an expensive and lengthy treatment cycle, it’s been permanent for me.

(On a side note, for those with keratosis pilaris, laser had no effect on it). "

When I have treated post LASER clients, the things I see most often are beards that have turned white, beards that have been reduced but not removed, and beards that have become distorted as a result of the treatment.

Although I have seen, and heard of LASER clients who don’t have hair anymore after getting it done on things like legs, I have not seen anyone who has gotten full, final clearance with LASER alone on a man’s beard.

it’s almost impossible to get 100% clearance with laser along on any area. hairs will get too fine after a point, and electrolysis will be necessary to clean those up if you’re looking for 100% removal. keep that in mind. plus, a male’s face is one of the hardest to treat because it’s strongly stimulated by hormones.

Thanks for all the replies.

Jimmy, sorry to hear about your beard! That is why I’m asking first. Do you expect it to all grow back?

James, thanks. I will count your opinion as one strike against getting laser.

Lagirl, I will look for posts by those people. Are they still on here? If so please reply guys!

I hate to do it, but I have to disregard any posts or information that is not specifically about a guy getting his beard done. I almost went for it on the spot when the saleswoman showed me her arms and some other pics and testimonials. But then I said wait, none of these are a man’s beard! I need more specific info related to me!

all these people have previously posted on the forums. you can probably find their posts and send them private messages. but you probably do understand that once someone is done with their treatments, there is no reason for them to come and check these forums to look for posts like yours everyday. they’re done and on with their lives.

Here are some links you will want to read.

This includes the only half way credible case of a LASERed beard, but I would be more comfortable knowing what the starting hairs per square centimeter were. When I was 22, I had less than 100 hairs per square centimeter, but more than a hundred by the time I was 26.

And finally, you should check this out as well:

Thanks again.

I’m not sure how to interpret results on transexual beards. How do I know if the person was taking hormones? This story in particular is hard to gauge since the laser was followed by electrolysis without a gap of 2 years.

I’ve been reading back posts. I think age may be an important factor as well. I’m 22.

From what you’re saying, James, I might get all my active follicles effectively lasered only to see new ones pop up in the next few years!

Here is what you have to consider. A transsexual starts hair removal work as a fully functioning man. Simultaneous to hair removal, or post hair removal, the transsexual begins hormone therapy to eliminate the normal male hormone levels, and replace that profile with a female hormonal make up. This means that keeping a transsexual beard cleared is easier than keeping a genetic male beard cleared, although the initial clearance takes as much work to do.

To simplify it, anything that can’t clear a transsexual and stay clear thereafter, has no hope of clearing and keeping clear on a normal man. Anything that does work on a transsexual can at least get a normal man to the point of clearance, and the only issue would be any further hair follicle recruitment the body may do later.

A transsexual who transitioned at 13 or 14 might not need any hair removal at all, or very little. One who transistioned at 22 would have much less hair to remove than one who was 30 years old, and still less than one who was 40 or 50.

When it comes to full permanent beard removal, the transsexual population are the ones who have had the most work done, on the most frequent basis, and have the most motivated treatment schedules. Again, if it doesn’t work for them, it can’t work for you, as you will always have more male hormones than they will, although you both may start out with the same number of hairs.

Is that clear enough?

I think it is critical that you clearly define your expectations and the minimum results that you need. If you will settle only for complete clearance, then you know that it will take years and electrolysis is necessary. If (like me) you want reduction, then the LHR option is open. It will still take 1 year and the patchy results WILL happen, but MAY finally be resolved after 8+ treatments. You will LIKELY need some electrology follow-up to define a beard line and/or remove patches. In any case, it CAN be done. Just study the posts and commit to your course BEFORE you begin so that you are prepared for the fairly long ride and its consequences.

I concur with tex. It’s all about having correct expectations. None of the current hair removal procedures are a quick, cheap, and painless thing. It’s a committment no matter what you choose. You just need to have the right outlook and approach to it, and of course stay committed if you want results.

Thanks everyone!!! This is so helpful.

I want to never have to shave again. I guess this is not likely from LHR and/or electrolysis. I’m also not wanting to endure patchiness, shaving more often, and maintainenance electrolysis.

I’m not sure if uniform reduction is worth it either. I need more info, please.

Tex and Jimmy: if the laser first causes patchiness how do you then end up with uniform reduction later?

I’m thinking of a uniform reduction that is like a thin beard, but maybe you mean there would eventually just be a minimal number of hairs scattered around the face? I think even 5 stray hairs on my face would cause me to shave regularly. I’ve seen old people with just a couple on their chin that looked awful.

One thing you seem to have missed is that it IS possible for you to get it done, and be finished. You just have to understand that it takes a minimum of 9 months, but more likely 18 to 24 months based on the fact that most people start out in a situation where they can’t get all the hair cleared out before the growth phase changes, and have to work at it until they can keep up with the hair’s growth as best they can until they are at the point where they get them all easily before anyone sees them.

In the end, you would be bare faced every day as you roll out of bead, splash some water on your face, and run out the door having slept through the time you used to spend shaving. It is just not piratical to think you can get to that place with nothing but Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation alone. There is a point where your electrolysis will be able to keep you looking finished, even while you are continuing your treatments.


MY results are: patchiness was never evened out. It’s still here. I shave more often now than before laser hair removal.

Daily stubble grows at the same rate as before. “New” hairs are ever so slowly filling in, vellus at first and becoming terminal very very slowly.

My goal, like yours, was to never have to shave again. I put 18 months into laser. There were lots of side effects. Hypopigmentation, ingrowns, acne, PAIN, etc. I had 11-12 treatments at high settings. I was an ideal candidate. I had a poor chain and techs and laser I guess.

If I shave daily, the beard shadow can pass for normal around the mustache, chin, and sideburns. The patchiness of the cheeks is very apparent in the beard shadow. It is also made worse by spots of hypopigmentation there.

Right now I’m not emotionally able to do anything about it. I might try electrolysis in a few years if I can bear the possibility of another let down.

Ouch. Sorry to here that.

Seems like a toss up. I don’t want to gamble with my face. I guess the most prudent thing is to do nothing.