Bearded Lady

I have a beard and mustache, it is noticeable, and I have to shave every day, sometimes twice, and I have a 5/o’clock shadow. It is noticeable, and I see people looking at me, and a couple have made mention of it. It is terribly embarassing, and the fact that I might be somewhere where I cannot get a hold of a razor scares the crap out of me, because I would have a full beard in a matter of days easily, and I spend so much time shaving every day.
I really want laser hair removal, since it’s the only thing that seems to work for facial hair such as this.
Would anyone here recommend this, is it worth all the treatments and cost in the end ???

Oh really now, laser hair removal seems to be the only thing that works on “hair like this”??? You might want to do more reading on the subject because you may find something closer to the truth and save yourself some frustration and money.

You would be surprised to know that electrolysis could afford you a pretty speedy, total permanent hair REMOVAL as oppossed to gambling with laser that may, just may, give you permanent hair REDUCTION for some of your facial hair, but may not affect other hairs.

You may go forth with laser, but at the same time, it would be very wise to start lining up and interviewing skilled electrologists who will bring an end to your bearded lady problem once and for all because laser can’t totally get you there.

Are you also working with a physician to see what is stimulating such hair growth? No modality of hair removal will solve your problem if there is a medical reason causing a beard to grow. Tackle boths sides correctly and you will most likely be hair-free in the end.


But isn’t electrolysis, painful as well as very lengthy and time consuming, is it cheaper than laser ? It takes many treatments with electrolysis, to resolve the hair issue. As far as a medical reason, my gynecologist did a hormone test on me, and my testosterone is a little high, but not much, and that could also cause a problem with the hair growth, as hormone fluctuations can cause that for many women I am told.

For most of my life, I have suffered from embarrassing facial hair. Told that the treatment would be permanent, I went through 10 treatments of laser hair removal. It cost me over $2,000. Within a couple years my beard was just as bad as before I began the treatment.
I got sick of waxing and at this time do not have the patience for electrolysis, so I recently began laser treatment again. I consider it a maintenance program, equivalent to waxing, with no side effects such as acne. I recognize that it is not permanent and is quite expensive, but it nearly balances out to what I would pay to have my face waxed every 3 weeks. Unfortunately, you have to shave between treatments – so until they figure out how many joules with which to zap you, you are still stuck using a razor.
If electrolysis were more convenient for me to pursue, I would. And I whole-heartedly suggest it for others. My sister had the fortune of only having a moustache as a child. My parents sent her for electrolysis when she was 13 to have it removed. She is now 40 years old and barely has a slight hint of re-growth.
I understand the sense of urgency to make the hair go away. I cannot explain the sense of freedom and relief that you will feel once it is gone, but I have had the pleasure of it for a brief time and wish it for you and others like us. For your own self confidence and convenience, perhaps you should pursue the laser treatment as a quick and temporary fix. It should provide you with enough of a difference to restore some self esteem and relieve some self consciousness. Then you maybe you can follow-up with electrolysis for permanent results at a more convenient rate.
As for the pain? I always tear during the laser hair removal – so don’t think that it is pain free. I experienced every trick the clinic tried: cold gel, ice, cold air. You still feel the zap. Electrolysis is also painful. I tried it on my moustache when I was 13 and cried in agony. My father use to pay a dentist to inject my lip with Novocain a half hour before treatment so I wouldn’t feel anything. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> Later as an adult, I tried it again on my chin and suffered through the stinging. Whatever you do, I am positive that you can and will be willing to endure it. I quote my father regarding the subject during my many years and techniques of hair removal, “It hurts to be beautiful.” But trust me – it’s worth it.

When you say that electrolysis is not convenient for you, do you mean there is not an electrologist in your locale?

Since, you had electrolysis done a long time ago, you may be surprised that many things have changed if you find a practitioner that is skilled and using a quality computerized epilator and surgical glasses like surgeons and dentist use. Treatments can be more comfortable and time to completion is greatly enhanced with modern equipment in skilled hands.

Cvoor, you sound like you have fed into those glossy magazine and LASER rep hype-types who describe electrolysis as painful, tedious, scarring, infectuous and costly. This is really a shameful exageration sack of lies. Modern electrolysis can get you to to your goal quite handily if you find a good practitioner. There are many out there that put their heart and soul into serving your needs, but you have to look and compare before you settle on the one you approve of.


I consider electrolysis inconvenient right now because of the time required and because I do not know of anyone locally that comes recommended. The last lady I went to took forever and did not follow directions.

However, I was unaware that electrolysis has evolved over the years. I remember it being a slow, tedious process. How much faster can the process be if they have to attack one hair at a time? Do they not have to hit the same follicle three times anymore?

I’ve had both laser and electrolysis done. you can read my previous posts. Both work well as long as the person knows what they’re doing and you pick the best option for the type of hair and skin you have. Electrolysis doesn’t take that long. Nowdays, with flash, a good electrologists removes at least 5-6 hairs per minute. Of course, the ones that are dormant or not in anagen won’t be killed, but a good portion will be even the first time. I’m done with my nipple area electro treatments and it took about 9-10 months, but only about 10 ten minute treatments. i went every 2-3 weeks for 2 month, and then only monthly or so after that.

please read the FAQs. It’ll help you decide what’s best on what area. also, if you have hair removed by laser, it sheds, but always comes back, you should look into getting tested for hormonal imbalance which can be controlled with medication to prevent NEW growth that your body develops (which is what you might be seeing). I suggest any woman with male pattern growth on the face SHOULD get this done as in most cases that leads to a medical condition.

I have the exact same problem and I have spent over $6000 in the last year and 8 months. I have gone to the TOP DERMATOLOGIST who pioneered the epilight IPL. Dr. Harvey Jay. Who comes off as a very kind and caring Dr. but in the end it’s just greed that makes him tell you that laser treatments will work. Let me tell you first hand…I am NO WAY a wealthy person and had to struggle to find a way to pay for this over priced glorified Dr. and laser procedure.

Yes, the hair falls out but comes back every time!!! No changes and you and I have the same exact case. My gyn told me I have high-normal Test Levels. I have no other health problems. I have a full beard and I have to shave all the time and it’s so humiliating and devastating to your self esteem. I am 28 and have been dealing w/ this since I was 18.

I beg you to save your money and not waste your time on laser. I have been so disappointed and misguided. I wasted hard earned money for treatments that DO NOT WORK. Now I’m going for electrolysis and it’s my last hope. I hope to god that it works b/c I can’t even bare to look in the mirror anymore.

From one bearded lady to another…I understand your need to speed up the process…I did the same…but I was just more disappointed as the hair seems more than it was before…Save your money.

Good Luck!

it is NOT normal for a woman to have a full beard and NOT have a hormonal problem or something else causing the growth (insulin resistance, diabetes, etc). i would highly recommend you research a reputable ENDOCRINOLOGIST doctor in your area who specializes in this, not just a gyno. It is highly likely that you have PCOS or another medical condition that needs to be controlled first, especially looking at the age that this became a problem. Electrolysis won’t work either if there is somehting causing NEW growth.

On a side note, being an MD gives absolutely NO advantage to being an expert on hair removal. They don’t teach it at med schools. You need someone who has years of experience in hair removal, that would be an expert. Just the fact that the doctor you mentioned used an an Epilight IPL already tells me that he doesn’t know what he’s doing since IPLs are not good machines for hair removal in general, AND this is not a good IPL machine if you WERE to use an IPL. Yes, he’s uninformed and greedy, but it’s in no way all of laser industry’s fault. It’s not even a true laser.