beard removal

this is a great site! just thought i would write about mu experiences with laser hair removal. i am 30 yrs old and have hated being hairy all my life.
i decided to have laser hair removal on my back and chest hair about 3 yrs ago.
i had 4 treatments on my back and 2 on my chest. i have had about 40% re-growth
on both areas but that is all. and i had my last treatment 2 yrs ago so hopefully that will be all that will grow back.
i have recently had my 2nd alexandrite treatment on my entire beard. i did not want to
get all the hair removed on my face - just thin it out. however it has been 3 weeks since
my 2nd treatment and my beard is now patchy. i have had a big patch of hair fall out
under my chin and the hair on one cheek is now thicker than the other cheek and the hair on my upper
lip is also patchy. what are the chances that some of this hair will grow back so that it will look
vaguely normal again. i actually wanted to grow a beard, but now i cant as it is patchy and
will look stupid (and i cant really grow a moustache now anyway) i have very very coarse black hair on my face and light skin.
basically i want ot know if i dont see any regrowth in these areas within a month will that
mean that nothing will grow there ever again?

PS to all those people that suffer from excessive hair - i know what it is like - society
puts so much pressure on people to look a certain way. i know that people without excessive
hair would probably think a site like this is silly - but i think it is great

Hey, I’m also considering to remove my facial male hair. I just wonder what the percentage or regrowth did you get? Which laser did they use? Which skin type is yours and what is the color of your hair. Also where did you perform the hair removal?
Thank you in advance.

thanks for the great report, melbourne!

It’s very hard to thin hair in an even pattern with a laser. A lot of males end up with patchy regrowth, some so bad that they end up committing to a lot more treatments to clear it up.

I generally recommend that males seeking facial hair removal understand that this is the ultimate stress test for a hair removal method. You will probably need to make a serious commitment of time and money to get permanent results. Unless the practitioner is really, really good, it’s going to be tough to give you a perfectly even reduction of hair.

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My experience is that whatever hair that’s going to grow back will do so within about two months.