Beard- I feel like I'm in over my head

Hi Folks

I’m a 30 yr old male.For quite some time now I have had an unbelievably thick beard.I stand at 5ft5 and weigh 150 pnds.I have a beard that basically consumes my face.I have a “regular” beardline that goes from ear to ear just below the nose. In mid Jan I decided to have LHR on my beard.I thought hey I’m sick of shaving and it looks awful. Well, heres my situation. I purchased a package pay for 7tx get 11tx. She
did the first couple of treatments on me with a low fluence 14 (alexandrite laser, apogee)I did not notice too much difference after 1 but after 2 I was patchy on my beard. I was tremendously self conscious about how I looked to people and would dread what I must look like to others as my day goes on and the beard grows. I could not wait for #3. After treatment 3 in late March all the hair shed (20 fluence),It actually scared the heck out of me.I just could not believe how “clean” my face looked.(except for gotee area would not all shed,just bits)I know it may sound silly to say I looked “too clean” but it was a real shock to see flesh for me.Following this shedding I felt vulnerable in public,like It must be something to be stared at because my “lack of hair” one extreme to the other.I was praying to see regrowth as I just could not grasp my new look and wondered am I something to be stared at.NO stubble.Well after approx 6wks you see hair come back in my beardline only now its not as thick,but definite hair.I had a great run for a while,where I could shave and look clean yet yo could tell I was shaving down hair.This is my ideal but not something that has lasted. since treatment 3 my beard is full of hair once again.Instant shadow when I shave except I have some “balder areas” near my chin. I swear in my mind that people must be staring at my “inconsistent” beard hair. I’m not used to seeing anything less than a full shadow. So now when I look at my reduced shadow in the mirror I just see inconsistencies in the beard. My close relatives that I ask tell me it just all blends in.I really need to treat my beardline I can further minimize my shadow.

Do you think people notice and/or feel that a male with no Shadow or visible hair looks odd?

Has anyone else seen a “weird” shadow or do you thinks its me looking to close in a mirror.

Would appreciate input.

Hi BOLTS, and welcome to HairTell…

The feelings you describe are natural enough, esp. when they are highlighted by our sensitivity, because we have a focus on that… I do think you may be looking a bit too close, as we all do… (I have a variety of little optical devices I use to inspect ingrown hairs before getting stuck in to them)… :blush:

It is certainly going to be a shock for you, and make you more self-conscious to go from the shadow to the clean look. Ask yourself which one you prefer… and then pursue that option. I do hope you have some real success with the LASER… I know even and thin is what you want, depending on your follicles, you may have to clean up and shape certain areas/edges with electrolysis.

Good luck, and keep us updated in this post as to your progress. Please consider keeping a visual record as well.