Beard hair removal with some red hairs


I am a male who is looking to have laser hair removal/reduction on my beard and mostache. I have pale skin and thought that my hair was pretty brown but when I went to the clinic the lady looked at it and said there were some orange and a few white hairs mixed in with the brown which would make the treatment less effective. When I just have stubble its quite difficult to notice the orange and white hairs but when I grew my beard a bit they started to become more noticable.

What I am hoping is that it will reduce the visibility of my stubble and make it much easier to shave. Also I have heard that if I have lots of sessions (at least 8) then I may be able to get rid of some of the orange hairs too.

The thing I am worried about is if I get rid of the brown hairs the orange and few white hairs are still visible, even when it is just stubble that shows after shaving and it will look weird and patchy. Or will it only start to look odd if I leave shaving for too long?

Also what type of laser would you suggest would be best for this sort of thing,

Thanks for your help.

“Patchy” that is your most urgent and reasonable concern. Keep looking and researching the internet before making a decision.

Yes that sounds like A good idea, thanks. Does anyone else have any other insights into this?

Can you take some quality pictures and post?

Laser reduction works best for COARSE, DENSE, DARK hair on pale skin. It doesn’t sound like you will spend your money wisely if you choose laser. Most likely, it will be patchy if any hairs do respond ad yes, you will still see red and gray stubs.

Electrolysis is more precise and can remove hair where needed to thin out or to completely eliminate, according to your desires.

I totally agree with Dee.

There is no effective current technology for laser removal of grey, white, red or blond hair.

Electrolysis is truly the only method.