Beard hair removal...same as for upper lips?


Hi all,
I am a transgendered male-to-female individual and am just starting on my long and torturous journey toward feminity. If my gender dsyphoria bothers you, please respect me as a human and do not spam or deride me.

Now on to my question: I would like to achieve as smooth a surface skin on my beard (face) as possible. Shaving comes close, but there are always, always some telltale stubs still scratching away. I also have the same issue with my chest hair, but waxing of my chest seems to be the right solution (for temporary removal). Is waxing of the face for hair reduction a good idea? And any recommended brands of waxes and a pointer to the basics of waxing would be helpful.

Thanks for your time and kindness


There’s no proof whatsoever that waxing causes hair to grow back lesser, if that’s what you mean. If you mean just in terms of whether you should wax the face… I’ve heard that waxing isn’t recommended for the male beard. Whether any hormones you’re taking might change that, I don’t know.


Consistent waxing will only make later permanent hair removal efforts more difficult. Permanent solutions also cost less than professional waxing of the area for years.



Can I ask why it makes permanent future removal harder?

I wax almost my entire body, but I don’t have an electrolysis practitioner where I live - or one I have any faith in… I want to know what I may be doing wrong… my ultimate aim would be electrolysis, but until then, I want to remain on top of the hair… I would love to book you or someone similar for two weeks solid and get it all done… LOL but until that time comes I will continue to wax…

Please explain how bad it really is in regard to future treatment by electrolysis…



Thanks all,

I am not currently on any hormone therapy and don’t know if I will in the future, but I may. In any case, my concern was if there were any negative reactions to waxing the beard or if it was not very effective due to the tenacity of the beard folicals, i.e. a waste of time to try.



Hi Billi-Jean–

Waxing androgen-induced facial hair is probably going to cause a lot of problems and is not recommended. There is an entire transgendered forum here with information on facial hair removal:;f=25;f=25;t=000001